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I wondered how long it would take....
Posted by Doralion on 04:23:06 2/6/2001:

Ok everyone, nothing to see here, move along please.
*chuckle* I admit that I made quite a fool of myself
here and I still curse myself for not checking around
more carefully *bonk self* I knew there was something
lurking beneath when I saw 'someone makes Hyvrentrillian
say....' Bah, I had been up for about 23 hours IRL then
and my mind wasn't at it's sharpest point...
Ah well, life goes on and you were wrong in more than
one aspect. I didn't go to kill Tiamat, we never found
a party good enough to take her down. And about the
thingy that should have changed my align, it never did
as far as I can see...
Kudos to you drow, this was something new for me and
I am sure I get to hear this or a long time forward.
I had it all logged but something messed up with Zmud
and when I later reviewed the log of the weekend
(6.5 Megs, and yes I log everything) I found the big
parts missing, sorry.

Well played and I'll see you around I think... Look above Galadon and you will most surely see me there

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