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Re: I've mostly stopped playing, but...
Posted by Doralion on 03:57:06 2/7/2001:

> I didn't want to post it until I knew you'd given up on all those crazy ideas I put in your head. I noticed the other day that you changed back your description and was wearing eq, so I decided it was safe to post it now. All in good fun, eh? :)

Well what can one say... I even put a new chapter in my role because of all this though I now have put in a new one now explaining the matter I think...
As for the interaction, I still wonder, did you wait for me to log on or would you have done this to anyone that happened to pass by? You caught me with this like one minute after I logged on for the first time that evening I believe.
It was fun though and I applaud the work that was put down into this, I think this was no scam that was pulled out of the sleeve on a whim. If so, I am at a loss of words for the wicked mind controlling you Ferueen *smile*
As for the archive, please put it there. Not many are honored with a place there and I would be happy to see me live on when I have passed from Thera. And I humbly apologize for any illness caused by convulsing retractions of your stomach, or what I would call uncontrolled laughter *chuckle*
Well, I hope you had a good time with this and I for one have gotten yet another reason to hate the drow, though IC I still have no clue to whom actually did it, although I have my suspicions *glare Ferueen*
Ah well, see you in the fields *wave*

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