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Re: Re: I've mostly stopped playing, but...
Posted by Ferueen on 10:41:10 2/7/2001:

> As for the interaction, I still wonder, did you wait for me to log on or would you have done this to anyone that happened to pass by?

It wasn't planned or directed at any one person (until it began). You just happened to be there.

> It was fun though and I applaud the work that was put down into this, I think this was no scam that was pulled out of the sleeve on a whim. If so, I am at a loss of words for the wicked mind controlling you Ferueen *smile*

Thanks. Actually, I did make it up on the spot, though. It sort of developed as it went and I kept on getting more and more astonished at the things I got away with. Generally, people catch on with ventriloquate rather quickly. Fortunately for that little prank, you were obviously unfamiliar with ventriloquate and so it worked quite well. As for a wicked mind, well, I wouldn't say I'm a wicked person. I just enjoy a good practical joke every once in a while.

Hmm... since the next time I log on Ferueen will be to type "delete;delete" (arcane trannies just aren't my style of play), I suppose it can't hurt to reveal who I am.

Signing off,

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