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[Drgn IMP] [None] Drokalanatym, Lurker in the Depths
Tattoo: no tattoo
Sphere(s): unknown


Not much is truly known of the mysterious Lurker in the Depths. Few have encountered fearsome Drokalanatym and lived to tell the tale, and many of these have returned maddened by the experience. Still, in their accounts some common threads may be found.

They claim that the Lurker is but one of a pantheon of draconic gods, the rest of which now sleep for reasons unknown. Their awakening at a foreordained time is said to spell the end of the Age of Man, ushering in another age when it will be dragons that rule Thera. Until that time Drokalanatym, who was destined to be the first to awaken, watches Thera and waits to bear witness to the end of Man.

As Drokalanatym is not one of the Gods of Men and ultimately views nothing which occurs in this Age as being of consequence, he does not typically have the same inhibitions about interference that other Gods might. This can work as easily against as for the soul brave or foolhardy enough to invoke the Lurker, for the Dragon God, while not evil in the traditional sense, places no value at all upon human life and is wont to consume those who offend or bore him.

Sidenote:Drokalanatym himself is sphere Time/Fate. He is not a very good traditional empowerment god, which is why his spheres are listed as unknown. Some of his empowered priests have been of other spheres than Time/Fate.

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