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[Human IMM] [NEXUS] Rayihn the Goddess of Love, She of the Sea
Tattoo: a purple lotus
Sphere(s): Healing, Love, Vanity, Water

There are many who come before the Lady of the Purple Lotus. Some wish to worship, others to grovel. Some go merely to see a vision of unspeakable beauty. Lovers wed before her shrines; healers commit great acts to save lives in her name. The true followers of Rayihn, however, are those who hold greatness within their soul. They are the blessed; they are born with gifts unheard of, abilities found in truly rare people. Many come before her shrine to appeal upon her whims, but she only grants her blessings to those who she sees truly stand out in their uniqueness. They are the ones who embody great beauty, great sacrifice, great acts of love. These chosen are the ones brave enough not only to acknowledge and revel in their greatness, but to also understand, bear, and love the responsibility they have to those who are less than they. Her selected few know that it is their duty to tend to the world, to nurture it and prune it as though it were their garden. They understand that true change comes at great cost, sometimes at the expense of those afflicted with it.

Rayihn herself holds power over the element of water. Born with magic to control sea and storm and the rare ability to heal anything, midwives far and wide have been known to pray to Rayihn for the miracle of life.

Know that the goddess herself is capricious and that her vanity is legendary. She has often been seen in the company of Daevryn, though as many people say the two are arch enemies as there are those who say they are lovers.

Seek the Goddess upon her holy waters known as the Bathhouse. Built near her mortal hometown, it is a place where all who wish to bask before her are welcome.

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