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Do flaws taken carry over to forms for shifters? (n/t) - ghuljun_thul five months ago

Re: Do flaws taken carry over to forms for shifters? - bored five months ago

Yes (n/t) - funnyone five months ago

Once had a thick furred felar get immolated in (a furless) form. n/t - prodigalprodigy five months ago

Bat - xrus five months ago

Re: Bat - wasted five months ago

Just so you know, I've been on the receiving end too, many times. I still think throw/gc is more capable of lag-lock and damage and maledict than bat spam. (n/t) - xrus five months ago

They work hard to deny Paladins easy lag (n/t) - Zheeser five months ago

Do you know what "perma" means? - Matrik five months ago

atleast 5/9s of permanent, democracy rules. nt - Flipside Oreo five months ago

Hello, who is your non-battle perma this days? - mharldarn five months ago

Hahaha loser - Flipside Oreo five months ago

good to be back :> nt - Flipside Oreo five months ago

Is “weak boy” more or less insulting than “clown?” (n/t) - wrathpuppet five months ago

Almost looks like Olga Beront. :) (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

The proper term you should use is "bash-lock". - Murphy five months ago

You mean the proper term wasted should use. (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

Yeah. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

Perma = having friends in PETM to spam bat AND bash to really fuck people off. - Rhyaldrin five months ago

...AND THE RIVERS RUN RED!!! - Matrik five months ago

Au contraire, mon taron - MiyagiYojimbo five months ago

In CF context, permalag only means enough lag to kill you without you getting a command. - Murphy five months ago

Nope. Perma is short for permanent. - Matrik five months ago

Thought it was "Permafrost". Like in the Motherland. (n/t) - asker five months ago

No, I meant from start to end. - Murphy five months ago

So assassinate is perma lag. Got it. - Matrik five months ago

Oh yeah? In that case trip + cheapshot is not permalag because eventually you will miss a trip or (more likely) miss a cheapshot. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

Wrong. - Matrik five months ago

No I'm not seeing the difference. - Murphy five months ago

Still wrong. - Matrik five months ago

Got it, so indefinitely repeatable (but not infinite in practice) command denial. - Murphy five months ago

God damnit. - Matrik five months ago

You were the one to ask "do you know what perma means". - Murphy five months ago

Re: Do you know what "perma" means? - wasted five months ago

Am I misreading you, or do you not know bash mechanics? - Matrik five months ago

Does anyone want to be the Baelen to my Caldysias and we'll prove how broken it can be? - Rhyaldrin five months ago

I'm gonna run an exciting batbot project sooner or later - Kstatida five months ago

CF players don't like to lose. If they lose, the thing that beat them is broken. - Matrik five months ago

Paladins of old... - saagkri five months ago

Indeed but - mharldarn five months ago

Bat isn't broken. Unwad your underwears, ffs. (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

By design. - Matrik five months ago

To make things even - Kstatida five months ago

Re: Bat - asker five months ago

Do you understand that the biggest problem is not to gather statistic but - mharldarn five months ago

Re: Do you understand that the biggest problem is not to gather statistic but - asker five months ago

The bat paladins were - Kstatida five months ago

Someone needs to buy their PBFs.... (n/t) - asker five months ago

Anyone have any logs of bat in action? I've never experienced it (n/t) - Kez five months ago

search lightning quick strike (n/t) - Kstatida five months ago

This skill is broken - mharldarn five months ago

Looks like the clown doesn't like to lose. (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

You can do much better, try again n/t - mharldarn five months ago

There is a difference, - Matrik five months ago

You know they'll never grasp that concept, right? - Frosty five months ago

It is - scr five months ago

Re: It is - asker five months ago

Yeah Pro usually plays rangers, not paladins. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

I grouped with one of his paladins. Holy fuk was that ever a roller coaster. (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Re: Bat - demos five months ago

[POLL] Best qhcf troll? - wrathpuppet five months ago

I just had a revelation about who is the best CF troll. - Murphy five months ago

You can enter hell without going by the bull. Just saying. (n/t) - saagkri five months ago

Drawing from the deck of fate does NOT count. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

Not the only way. Your cheat ring is slacking. (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

What cheat ring? I know about the deck of fate because you did it as Aster. - Murphy five months ago

The Russian cheat ring you get your Hell info from. - Matrik five months ago

Why would I do that? I don't ever go to Hell except when I age-die an evil. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

I think he was actually trying to smokescreen that fact. (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

A philosophical understanding of the greatness of trollhood... - Mjothvitnir five months ago

The best troll is Warren, by the way. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

Catfishing is not the same as trolling. (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Trolling is a wider concept but catfishing is a type of trolling. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

It depends. Sometimes the catfishers actually care about the fish. Some people are fking weird. (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Why are they call catfish because fish don't look like cats and cats don't pretend to have vaginas. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin five months ago

You askin' or tellin'? (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

pls send tit and vegana (n/t) - Rhyaldrin five months ago

*The ground quakes as the summoning ritual is complete* I'm back bitches. (n/t) - tesline five months ago

And not a moment too soon! (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Daily, random polls is how you know an internet forum is dead or infested with teenagers. - Matrik five months ago

[POLL] What’s up Matrik’s ass? (n/t) - wrathpuppet five months ago

I trolled you in your poll about trolls. - Matrik five months ago

Did you say “I’ve got to pay the troll toll to get into this boy’s hole?” (n/t) - wrathpuppet five months ago

I was gunna say it if you didn't. ;) (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Hipsters. (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

Liking something doesn't make someone a hipster - Frosty five months ago

oops, deleted this if you wish to do so (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Pretending you don't have Always Sunny on VHS. Cute. (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

I don't, but I do have the original Little Mermaid VHS. Gunna be worth a BILLION dollars some day. :P (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Nonstop quoting of pop culture makes you a hipster. (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

No it doesn't, in fact that's the opposite. Hipsters know the stuff that everyone DOESN'T. - Frosty five months ago

Have you heard this song before? - MiyagiYojimbo five months ago

Funny you should say that... - wrathpuppet five months ago

That says more about your therapist than you - Kstatida five months ago

I’ll just have a seat over there. (n/t) - wrathpuppet five months ago

Next step is click bait list articles. - Rhyaldrin five months ago

Funnyone. - Rhyaldrin five months ago

Re: Funnyone. - asker five months ago

That's how good he is (n/t) - Kstatida five months ago

Loudest does not equal best. - Murphy five months ago

Hey all I do is tell the truth, and sometimes it hurts. If it makes someone cry, not my fault. - Frosty five months ago

stop hacking US elections (n/t) - Rhyaldrin five months ago

No. All your elections belong to us. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

Are (n/t) - Kstatida five months ago

Are you sure you have the cajones to be a pirate? (n/t) - Frosty five months ago

Gotta watch my "fuck offs" - physics five months ago

fuck off (n/t) - Rhyaldrin five months ago

Re: Gotta watch my "fuck offs" - wasted five months ago

By the way, any suggestions - scr five months ago

Neutral Berserker Assassin/Warrior (n/t) - Kez five months ago

I was thinking about it, but - scr five months ago

Maybe, depends on the warrior - Kez five months ago

ABS shapeshifter. Will not kill them though. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

My Suggestion - loknim five months ago

Reading and analyzing logs of your deaths is a must - Kstatida five months ago

This game is the lifeline to so many. If it does, those like shaapa, frosty, jalim and others might shoot themselves. (n/t) - funnyone five months ago

Frags don't smell, only statistic matters. (n/t) - scr five months ago

Re: Gotta watch my "fuck offs" - Jib five months ago

[POLL] Funniest CF Moment? - wrathpuppet five months ago

Tribunal fuckups usually aren't funny, but... - Murphy five months ago

When conjurers were new. My necro: I'll just summon him away from that angel. (n/t) - saagkri five months ago

I used to love leaving unbound angels in the Tower to eat my necro cabalmates - HairyOrangutan five months ago

be the dragon or mek's (?) dwarf warrior who practiced zero skills. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) five months ago

the dwarf was goapa.. was that mek? nt - Flipside Oreo five months ago

Oh that reminds me. I did "be the dragon" 2.0. - Murphy five months ago

that's funny (n/t) - Kstatida five months ago

bumbalin pbf - The Forsaken(VIP) five months ago

Whay did the skill 'Extreme Laziness' do? (n/t) - Kez five months ago

Let him sleep anywhere, anytime. (n/t) - Murphy five months ago

I don't have a log of it. - MiyagiYojimbo five months ago

The two robot PCs. *Beep boop* (n/t) - Matrik five months ago

Agreed. I will read it again and lol (n/t) - starbright five months ago

Still my favorite. - Rhyaldrin five months ago

Clown (n/t) - wrathpuppet five months ago

Ending hiatus - joe six months ago

Sounds cool. How's the player numbers? n/t (n/t) - joe six months ago

As low as 5 in off hours, as high as 30 in peek hours (n/t) - BlkDrgn six months ago

Re: Ending hiatus - Forsooth six months ago

Re: Ending hiatus - asker six months ago

Welcome back - mcbeth six months ago

Stone shields? - bored six months ago

Re: Stone shields? - shane six months ago

Remember stone comes in many forms - Zheeser six months ago

Sometimes its shaped like Zerrin (n/t) - asker six months ago

Lol this one's good (n/t) - Kstatida six months ago

Here's what I could find... - laearrist six months ago

Perfect, thank you! (n/t) (n/t) - bored six months ago

Anyone else feel no shame at all about.... - Mjothvitnir six months ago

Playing from your phone shames us all and why can't you avoid them? - Zheeser six months ago

I think ran out of shame - Flipside Oreo six months ago

I once belonged to a group called No Shame. - wrathpuppet six months ago

gross.nt - Flipside Oreo five months ago

Here's some cheese to go with all the whine in this thread. - Frosty six months ago

I would have no shame about it. Playing on a phone is ass. (n/t) - asker six months ago

Gear - Ultec six months ago

Heh - Mjothvitnir six months ago

Yet imms say... - deathincarnate six months ago

Don't feel bad. People constantly log out to avoid PK these days. (n/t) - PacMan six months ago

I mean, when you go who pk.... - BlkDrgn six months ago

Why do people care so much about a pk death? - Quas six months ago

Generally speaking, people don't like losing...*paragraph inside* - BlkDrgn six months ago

If you don't are about PK, you shouldn't care about PKL - Kstatida six months ago

Say it, don't spray it. (n/t) - Frosty six months ago

If you don't are about PK, you shouldn't care about PKL - Kstatida six months ago

Worry not - Kstatida six months ago

That doesn't count towards your community service. (n/t) - Frosty six months ago

You do my community service - Kstatida six months ago

Re: You do my community service - Frosty six months ago

Except, there has never been, and never will be, a level sitting warrior that will keep me from playing. - Mjothvitnir six months ago

Sorry I don't play trannies - Kstatida six months ago

Not necessarily. (n/t) - wrathpuppet six months ago

Bearchqrge lag - Tadam six months ago

No, yes - Kstatida six months ago

Do you have a link? - Tadam six months ago

Gokmokroh lagged me on civilized - Kstatida six months ago

Explorers bearcharge, true story (n/t) - Zheeser six months ago

Shaman Paths - asker six months ago

Archon's Choir. - Murphy six months ago

Paladin specializations - asker six months ago

Wow, I never really looked at PK Stats for paladins - Welverin six months ago

Re: Wow, I never really looked at PK Stats for paladins - asker six months ago

Button Mashing for Paladins - Welverin six months ago

Just curious if you had any insights into how monks and virtues get along. - Spronti six months ago

Races - asker six months ago

Place your bets - Kez six months ago

Who gets the bye in the 2nd round? (n/t) - PacMan six months ago

Should have seeded them by PKW. (n/t) - asker six months ago

Zah - Kstatida six months ago

Zah's going to bloodthirst right off the bat.... - BlkDrgn six months ago

Turns out, it doesn't. - Murphy six months ago

That will be an epic first round fight - mcbeth six months ago

What have I done (Re: Official boards) - Dalbrin six months ago

You probably accidentally made it sort by ID. - Murphy six months ago

This worked, thanks (n/t) - Dalbrin six months ago

Light boats - Luis six months ago

Re: Light boats - badboy six months ago

Seaweed is great until you're fighting someone who can dispel :P (n/t) - mcbeth six months ago

Can’t dispel seaweed water breathing - Quas six months ago

Depends on seaweeds - Kstatida six months ago

Lol, good to know (n/t) - mcbeth six months ago

Model ship is from Hell. (n/t) - laearrist six months ago

Re: Light boats - asker six months ago

Model ships: - Matrik six months ago

Ask anyone IC about the model ship and they'll tell you what's up. Really. (n/t) - Frosty six months ago

What's new in the last 7 years? - Herald six months ago

Nothing at all (n/t) - Zheeser six months ago

Re: What's new in the last 7 years? - asker six months ago

Some Corrections and additions - Spronti six months ago

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