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Santa Zulgh is back - ExPaladin ten years ago

Utility Shifters have been updated and (hopefully) balanced. Enjoy! nt - Yhorian ten years ago

Quaff and Drink commands merged, both now work on containers/potions. nt - Yhorian ten years ago

Maran powers have been Magerized. (Or Magerised if you're English). nt - Yhorian ten years ago

An Orctoberfest was declared 23:01:03 9/28/2007. - DurNominator ten years ago

Edges will now be published on your Premium Battlefields report! nt - Yhorian ten years ago

Mob Deaths are also published - Damn you, inn rabbit! nt - Yhorian ten years ago

New command added: Cabalwars! - Yhorian ten years ago

The Hunt is a level 42 supp - ExPaladin eleven years ago

Significant code changes to Transmuters... - Yhorian eleven years ago

There is now a way to detect ABS wands! - Yhorian eleven years ago

Dagger specs get a tweaking! - Yhorian eleven years ago

Ysal has a chat with Tahren - resulting in a bonus for Applicants who visit... - Yhorian eleven years ago

Spellcraft tweaked. Works better at lower levels, about the same at higher. - Yhorian eleven years ago

Shapeshifters have been changing. Er, more than usual. - Yhorian eleven years ago

Defensive and Offensive forms now done, with new skills added. nt - Yhorian eleven years ago

Zounds! More changes, with more to come! - Yhorian eleven years ago

Invoker's get cooler. Or hotter, depending on which new edge they pick. nt - Yhorian eleven years ago

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