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November 05, 2007 09:47PM
> > And learning how to shoot the LONG shots. <br>> > <br>> > I really advise getting these books. I had older versions of these books while I was in the infantry, and since I have been out they have really helped me refine my long-shooting ability. <br>> > <br>> > Now, some of these books will have things you don't need to know, like camo and movement tactics and whatnot, but there are alot of things in each of these books that can be applied to the recreational long shooter. <br>> > <br>> > "Home workshop .50 caliber sniper rifle" by Bill Holmes <br>> > <br>> > "Sniper training" FM 23-10 <br>> > <br>> > "Weapons evaluations for the Armed Professional and advanced collector" by Alan C. Paulson <br>> > <br>> > And, in my opinion, if you only want to get one book, this next book has it all... <br>> > <br>> > "The Ultimate Sniper" by Maj. John L. Plaster, USAR (Ret.) <br>> > <br>> > All of them are from "paladin press" you can find them on the paladin press website. <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > Utilizing the information in that last book, I have (only once in my life, I admit) shot a 3 shot- 1 MOA at 1200 yards with a cousin's .50 cal. <br>> > <br>> > (MOA = minute of angle, in marksmanship it means 1 inch at 100 I had 3 shots within 12 inches at 1200's HARD) <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > And, like it or not, Optics is very important for the long shot. Once you have your range and windage estimations accurate, it doesn't matter unless you have some optics that allow for accurate compensation.
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Question for the gun geeks

Rade 427 November 04, 2007 01:52PM

I would go for the classics

ExPaladin 335 November 04, 2007 02:01PM

Steyr Aug, hands down. n/t

Someone not special, Esquire 312 November 04, 2007 03:09PM

As for the others...

Someone not special, Esquire 272 November 04, 2007 03:16PM

Re: As for the others...

Rade 315 November 04, 2007 04:23PM

For &quot;sniper&quot; rounds, a .308, .30-30/.3006, or even a .270 would be ideal...

Someone not special, Esquire 295 November 05, 2007 01:46AM

So the movie shooter.

Cointreau 281 November 05, 2007 05:45AM

Yes, they can do that.

DurNominator 268 November 05, 2007 06:21AM

That assumes a perfectly trained sniper and perfect conditions. nt

Someone not special, Esquire 289 November 05, 2007 01:16PM

Google longest recorded kill shot

ExPaladin 347 November 05, 2007 06:22AM

Re: For &quot;sniper&quot; rounds, a .308, .30-30/.3006, or even a .270 would be ideal...

Rade 302 November 05, 2007 04:20PM

I personally like the model 870 over the Mossberg 500, but I'm not an expert. nt

Death_Claw 310 November 04, 2007 04:10PM

Remmington 870 has way more options and parts available for modifications n/t

Lightmage 263 November 05, 2007 08:40AM

Re: Question for the gun geeks

Tyin 272 November 04, 2007 06:41PM

An official red ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle! nt

Devildogg7051 273 November 04, 2007 11:14PM

You'll shoot your eye out, kid. NT

Quixotic 297 November 06, 2007 03:12AM


Someone not special, Esquire 280 November 05, 2007 01:49AM

About the long rifles.

Odrirg 263 November 05, 2007 05:39AM

OMG, you read paladin press? I'm scared of you. nt

Someone not special, Esquire 287 November 05, 2007 01:19PM


Odrirg 270 November 05, 2007 02:05PM

Paladin Press, dedicated to teach paladins the way of duo dimension. nt

DurNominator 312 November 05, 2007 09:47PM

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