Here's a few examples

February 02, 2018 06:14AM
Joe is an evil assassin. I beat up on Joe with a super axe which exploits his vulnerabilities. But, Joe is not playing at the moment. Fred, also an enemy of Joe, gets my axe and gives it to Tahren. The world reforms. I go straight to the very secluded mob with the axe and Joe is there trying to get the axe he cannot use, but somehow knew was there.

I might kill Joe afk. This is hypothetical, but I've seen many things like this. Some more dubious than others. Also, if someone runs around full-looting for no reason. Also if someone befriends people only to backstab and loot them when they're trying to kill some mob together. I know this can happen IC, but if you write a role that requires this, know that I may kill you afk. Also, if I can tell you're a dick in RL from interacting with your char, I might not flee when I don't see you doing anything in combat. If I've died to you and you talk smack while I'm still a ghost: maybe. If your taunts are borderline OOC: probably. If you do that after a 4-1 gankdown and full-loot me: definitely.

Keep in mind, it's not against the rules to kill someone afk. If I'm afk and you don't kill me, I consider it a favor. I wouldn't kill afk except in rare instances like the one's I've mentioned.
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AFK Kills

Welverin January 31, 2018 05:47AM

Killing someone once is cool, after you know they are afk you should stop because you are exploiting (n/t)

Zheeser February 06, 2018 01:21PM

Its ok if you are also afk and just pk them with your triggers. nt

Flipside Oreo February 02, 2018 03:40AM

Hah! That was funny. :) Haven't seen you make a joke in a while, caught me offguard. (n/t)

Frosty February 02, 2018 07:18AM

True, I may have had a grumpy phase. ;) nt

Flipside Oreo February 06, 2018 12:18AM

heheh. that's good. nt

The Forsaken(VIP) February 02, 2018 03:42AM


saagkri February 02, 2018 03:01AM

Market Square is now home base. No one attack anyone there and you can AFK safely. (n/t)

Matrik February 02, 2018 03:58AM

^ true (n/t)

Kstatida February 02, 2018 04:10AM

How does one earn an afk death? Asking for a friend. (n/t)

PacMan February 02, 2018 03:08AM

Here's a few examples

saagkri February 02, 2018 06:14AM

Being able to kill something

Kstatida February 02, 2018 03:09AM

My stance:

Rhyaldrin February 01, 2018 04:33PM

I'm undecided, so I made a simple solution.

Murphy February 01, 2018 01:29AM

I'll kill you if I catch you afk no problems

Kstatida January 31, 2018 09:39AM

No problems? I get my ass kicked by AFK players. (n/t)

Matrik January 31, 2018 04:56PM

I was only speaking for myself :) (n/t)

Kstatida January 31, 2018 11:35PM

Hey, there's a first time for everything. (n/t)

Matrik February 01, 2018 03:55AM

LOL (n/t)

Frosty February 01, 2018 06:28AM

I have on multiple occasions fought someone, saw wimpy kick in and see if they move,

BlkDrgn January 31, 2018 08:21AM

You can drop link. (n/t)

Murphy February 01, 2018 03:50AM

By what name do you wish to be mourned? (n/t)

Matrik January 31, 2018 07:26AM

This is CF. I expect to die if I ever go AFK, every time. If I don't die I consider it a bonus. If someone stops, I give them kudos for being classy AF. Won't ever chastize someone for not stopping though. (n/t)

Frosty January 31, 2018 06:21AM

Glikhardiz found me after as Saeorad

KoeKhaos January 31, 2018 09:22PM

Pretty much how I feel. (n/t)

Welverin January 31, 2018 07:33AM

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