There's the QHCF I know and love

July 29, 2021 09:53AM
I mean, it's pretty dead most days, I always get a smile when I see stuff like this, so thanks for that.
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If you are frustrated with the amount of censorship and trolling banning on officials and discord

kadsuane July 24, 2021 06:24AM

Umi hasn't banned anyone who wasn't being an insufferable little shit.

MiyagiYojimbo July 24, 2021 02:23PM

Re: Umi hasn't banned anyone who wasn't being an insufferable little shit.

kadsuane August 09, 2021 10:43AM

Re: Umi hasn't banned anyone who wasn't being an insufferable little shit.

Java August 09, 2021 01:41PM

yeah that way the last 12 of us can play in peace

Tolnum July 27, 2021 12:31PM

Fucking whiny little faggots like you have been predicting the death of cf for as long as I've been playing

MiyagiYojimbo July 28, 2021 04:33PM

This 3 week old post is on page 1 of the forums

Tolnum August 19, 2021 10:00AM

You should look at the Discord

Kez August 19, 2021 04:56PM

most of us play CF not, I think this is where the confusion comes from (n/t)

jhyrbian August 19, 2021 10:26AM

Using unpleasant language and ignoring facts is right on brand for you folks.

kadsuane July 29, 2021 04:11AM

"If I could say tittysprinkles on national television I'd be soooo happy." (n/t)

Frosty July 29, 2021 10:37AM

Poor baby

MiyagiYojimbo July 29, 2021 07:14AM

It's also funny he only considers cursing unpleasant language.

Frosty July 29, 2021 10:40AM

Bless your tendies and victim mindset

kadsuane July 30, 2021 04:06AM

Love how you are blaming me for something I didn't do.

Frosty July 30, 2021 12:28PM

There's the QHCF I know and love

zannon July 29, 2021 09:53AM

"There's the QHCF I know and love" - best remark in this thread (n/t)

Noone of significance August 04, 2021 07:49AM


deathkitty July 29, 2021 10:26AM

You forgot to cal blood first.

Frosty July 29, 2021 10:41AM

This^. The only people who have been banned there are basically the only people who have asked for it.

Frosty July 24, 2021 05:31PM

Im not banned on officials

Tolnum July 27, 2021 01:16PM

Once you start going down this path.. it just leads to microscopic review and hair triggers.

kadsuane July 24, 2021 05:49PM

same shit we saw with cf clones

Tolnum July 27, 2021 12:32PM

Please do tell who has been banned that wasn't being exactly what MiyagiYojimbo described. (n/t)

Frosty July 24, 2021 08:44PM

Nothing I say will change your mind, so no.

kadsuane July 25, 2021 01:14PM

Some actual evidence would change my mind.

Frosty July 26, 2021 02:56AM

are you gonna whitewash fifteen years of shit imm behavior

Tolnum July 27, 2021 01:17PM

You're still here? That's cute.

Frosty July 27, 2021 11:29PM

I post on this forum once a year

Tolnum August 19, 2021 10:03AM

Hahaha. YES. Excellent post and worth keeping QHCF around for. n/t

jalim August 22, 2021 09:44AM

Re: I post on this forum once a year

Kez August 19, 2021 04:59PM

Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.

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