December 05, 2007 08:02PM
It's gotta come down to either an assassin or ranger. You need good defense, to protect yourself until you can run your ass away. Stealth, so no one can find you. And hopefully a combo that isn't a natural enemy of anyone else (neutral, non-mage, non-defiler).

So I'd probably go with an arial assassin. Assassin, cause they're so easy to just -survive- with, if that's your goal, they can level up pretty quick, and can see everyone coming naturally. And arial cause it'd be freakin awesome to be able to fly.
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Dumped into CF (hypothetical question)

ekirhal December 05, 2007 08:38AM

I'd go a Herald, so I had a safe haven and could boot attackers. Plus hot women and free piss.

cointreau December 06, 2007 12:20PM

Either a Gnome Def Air Shifter, or a Human Transmuter

jad_hoven December 06, 2007 10:23AM

City Ties human thief. n/t

Death_Claw December 06, 2007 05:33AM

How come? Not saying its a bad choice, just curious of your reasoning. nt

istirith December 06, 2007 11:18AM


Java December 05, 2007 08:02PM

Bard or ranger, definately. n/t

Someone Not Special, Esquire December 05, 2007 07:04PM

Either Nexun Gnome shifter or Imperial Felar Assassin like everyone else.

Batman December 05, 2007 04:03PM

If your goal is only to survive, being in a cabal is bad-bad. nt

Cerunnir(VIP) December 06, 2007 03:11AM

Human healer. nt

Nivek December 05, 2007 02:09PM


infi December 05, 2007 10:35AM

If I was actually trying to survive..

istirith December 05, 2007 10:18AM

Ranger. With cheesy one-liners like 'It's time to take out the trash!' nt

Yhorian(VIP) December 05, 2007 09:41AM

Quest char - S-mart employee. Say 'This is my boomstick'. Loot corpse. NT

Sam December 06, 2007 06:01PM

Re: Dumped into CF (hypothetical question)

Woland December 05, 2007 09:35AM

*laugh* (n/t)

bhagavan December 05, 2007 09:37AM

Probably Human Healer. n/t

katistrofik December 05, 2007 09:24AM

Ditto. nt

DurNominator(VIP) December 06, 2007 10:43AM

Re: Dumped into CF (hypothetical question)

dervish December 05, 2007 09:19AM

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