Talking Malice here.. not rot.

October 05, 2017 12:20PM
Even with 20+ con I repeatedly got raped by malice. I think con has little to do with it.

I am more inclined to go with Kstatida's theory on stacking poison resist.
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Hunsodin and Thalamanion

LogFiend 545 October 04, 2017 10:58AM

so just killing long-lived(?) low con players with malice? very impressive. (n/t)

silatar 168 October 04, 2017 12:50PM

I like how they got rid of rot to replace it with super duper upgraded immolate rot because old rot was OP. n/t

jalim 178 October 04, 2017 12:51PM

It's actually easy to prep against malice

Kstatida 289 October 05, 2017 06:17AM

Yeah? How? Dont tell me about Quaggoth or whatever its name nt

zanzarin 138 October 05, 2017 08:08AM

Quaggoth doesn't help shit b/c of miasma (n/t)

Kstatida 137 October 05, 2017 08:22AM

Enlighten us? Make a faq? Lots of folks have struggled with this.

Spronti 216 October 05, 2017 08:04AM

Have con gear

Quas 273 October 05, 2017 09:34AM

This works. Feel like there's a high level imm post confirming this on officials (n/t)

TJHuron 137 October 05, 2017 06:38PM

Talking Malice here.. not rot.

Spronti 307 October 05, 2017 12:20PM

they work the same, one just left you in an obscure corner for a day and the other is over in 5 ticks

Quas 200 October 05, 2017 03:12PM

on the duration

silatar 240 October 06, 2017 11:28AM

Last three I've had were 12 ticks and the damage killed me. n/t

jalim 139 October 05, 2017 04:47PM

That's because you're playing berserker, not defender :) (n/t)

Kstatida 128 October 06, 2017 11:47AM


Welverin 218 October 06, 2017 04:11AM

One correction: rot does not add -con if you make the save (on the hour). But yeah, I don't get how the imms don't see that malice is too good. (n/t)

Calion 116 October 06, 2017 09:10AM

Does it continue to affect if you kill the shaman?

laearrist 193 October 06, 2017 05:31AM

fairly certain it continues....

Welverin 202 October 07, 2017 06:15AM

THIS! 12 hours immolation that lands ALWAYS.. BLEH nt

zanzarin 115 October 05, 2017 06:46PM

Except for it doesn't.

Kstatida 278 October 06, 2017 11:44AM

Poor advice, because venom shamans usually begin with malice, so

zanzarin 240 October 06, 2017 07:37PM

First off, no they don't. They usually start with miasma to shit your poison resists

Kstatida 180 October 07, 2017 11:00AM

malice is a 2 round commune with no echo, so it's easy to spot if they use it

silatar 285 October 06, 2017 08:01PM

So your advice not to fight venom shaman and find my own way to fight it? He-he

zanzarin 218 October 07, 2017 07:11AM

You don't get it

Kstatida 229 October 07, 2017 10:58AM

this (obviously) nt

silatar 161 October 07, 2017 03:53PM

This is why CF is SO damn boring theese days

zanzarin 238 October 08, 2017 07:04AM

I'm sorry for pking you

Kstatida 148 October 08, 2017 10:36PM

oh boyyyyy

silatar 222 October 08, 2017 10:05AM

He may have been the one bitching, but what he's saying about "why CF is so damn boring" is spot on. (n/t)

Frosty 102 October 09, 2017 06:18AM

well, yes. but also, I don't play for the same reason. (n/t)

silatar 113 October 09, 2017 09:19AM

Agreed. Prep less, fight more, regear more, care less(about gear), care more about Rp, enjoy more. (n/t)

demos 142 October 08, 2017 07:13AM

You forgot "Hail Matrik!" (n/t)

Kstatida 130 October 08, 2017 10:38PM

I always try to leave a bunch of +con gear in the Battle pit for those in need. (n/t)

wrathpuppet 119 October 05, 2017 12:03PM

Stack poison resistance armor

Kstatida 289 October 05, 2017 08:22AM

2/10 forced yell RP. n/t

jalim 187 October 04, 2017 12:32PM

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