I thought it was bear boxing

July 02, 2018 01:56PM
All your players are juicing too
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Do you Russians players actually care about the World Cup?

zannon July 02, 2018 08:12AM

I love that game. They run and hit a ball with legs, how can em boring computer games compare to that? (nt) (n/t)

Slasher July 20, 2018 03:30AM

Soccer in the most played sport in Russia

Kstatida July 02, 2018 08:34AM

We have that here too.

MiyagiYojimbo July 02, 2018 03:38PM

I've always found it strange that people can enjoy watching a sport more than playing it nt

daurwyn August 20, 2018 12:24PM

Comes with age

Quas August 20, 2018 01:46PM

I've heard there was a board we send these afflicted to.

Jib July 03, 2018 08:31AM

Quoth the prophet Saint Stevers: tkae it 2 teh sprotsbaord. (n/t)

The Faithful of Nazmorghul July 08, 2018 08:53AM

I thought it was bear boxing

HairyOrangutan July 02, 2018 01:56PM

Its for hairy human-like drunk monkeys, we are calling em VDV, welcome to Russia at 2'th august nt

zanzarin July 03, 2018 09:19PM

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