Warrior Specialization Skills:
Whirl 20 Using the spike on the axe, inflict a painful wound
Weaponbreaker 24 Use the weight of the axe to shatter your opponents weapon
Hook 27 Use the curving blades of the axe to disarm your opponent
Pincer 29 Dual wielding axes, you attempt to trap your victim between them
Overhead 30 A powerful overhead strike
Disembowel 33 Attempt to disembowel your opponent and end the battle
White Space
Stab 20 Used in a stabbing motion for greater damage
Underhand 23 Attempt to come up beneath your opponent into his ribs
Hamstring 25 A well placed strike to the hamstring, reducing movement
Artery 27 A well-placed strike to a major artery, inflicting heavy blood loss
Twist 30 Cause additional pain by twisting the dagger in a wound, can result in str and dex loss, possibly break the dagger.
Concealed 32 Like backfist for assassins.
Hurl 33 Throw a dagger with deadly accuracy
White Space
Hand to Hand
Ironhands 20 Allows you to parry with your bare hands
Evasion 22 Using the terrain to place the combatant out of range
Vital Area 23 Attemp to weaken an opponent with a strike to a vital area
Pummel 26 Attempt to land a powerful blow on your opponent
Stun 30 Attempt to knock a person unconscious
Crushing Blow 32 Lacing your hands in a massive strike on your opponent
White Space
Backhand 20 Designed to whittle away at an opponent with measured and compact strikes
Deflect Shield 23 Attempt to weaken and/or send the shield flying from an opponents grasp
Cranial 26 Attempt to knock your opponent unconscious
Boneshatter 28 Attempt to shatter bones, resulting in loss of strength and dexterity for a long time
Dent 30 Well placed strikes to severly weaken and possibly destroy an opponents armor
Drum 33 Dual wielding maces allowing for a punishing combinations fo strikes
White Space
Flourintine 20 Allows you to parry better while dual wielding swords
Cross 22 Blocking your opponents weapon, then striking a swift kick while their weapon is entrapped
Doublethrust 24 Attempting to strike your opponent in the same spot while dual wielding swords
Jab 26 A quick strike used to slowly whittle your opponent down
Riposte 29 Countering an incoming attack with an attack of your own
Flurry 31 A rushing attack where you try to strike your opponent as many times in a short period, quite exhausting
White Space
Staff & Spear
Defensive spin 20 Intricate use of your weapon's spinning motion to keep attacks from hitting you
Leverage 23 Planting the weapon, and using leverage, deliver a powerful kick to your victim
Legsweep 25 Using the long shaft of the weapon to sweep the legs out from your opponent knocking them to the ground
Crescent 25 A backhanded slash across the chest of your opponent (only Spear)
Misdirect 26 Slamming the ends of your weapon in tandem, it is possible to deliver a powerful blow
Impale 32 An attempt to drive your spear through your opponent (Only spear)
White Space
Distance 20 Using the length of the polearm to keep your opponents at bay
Entrap 23 Using the polearm to entrap your opponents weapon with the shaft of the polearm
Chop 24 A short controlled overhand strike with hands spaced apart on the polearm
Legsweep 24 Using the long shaft of the polearm to sweep the legs out from your opponent knocking them to the ground
Charge Set 30 Using an attackers momentum against them, the polearm can be set against the first attack
Cutoff 32 Using the length of the polearm to prevent your opponent from fleeing
White Space
Whip & Flail
Strip 24 Attempt to strip the weapon from an opponent by using the utility of the whip
Eyejab 26 Jab your opponent in the eye, attempting to blind them
Choke 27 Attempt to render the person unconscious by choking the victim
Entwine 32 Use the whip to entwine your victim, to prevent them from fleeing
Pull 34 Using your whip, you try to drag your victim into another room for fighting

(thanks strahd)

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