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[Dwarf IMM] [FORTRESS] Aarn Firehammer, Patron of the Dwarves, Divine Smith of the Tara'bal
Tattoo: (Glowing) a mithril warhammer shrouded in golden flames
Sphere(s): Dedication, Rage


There exists in every Theran an inner fire, a source of unbridled power and energy. Some choose - consciously or unconsciously - to repress this power, allowing it to see the light of day only in situations of extreme stress or fear. These people never realise their true potential, and when their rage does surface, they will often be entirely consumed by it.

Others are able to exercise no control over this source of power at all, utilizing it often in senseless acts of extreme violence. Such people are controlled entirely by the extreme forces contained within their rage, and are little better then a wild animal, a slave to their instincts.

There are a select few, however, who are able to take hold of their inner rage, shaping it to their will. Like an avalanche, rage cannot simply be controlled. A properly dedicated student, however, can direct its force toward a goal. One who would truly harness the full potential of their inner rage must devote every aspect of their being to a single cause, and pursue it with unmatched clarity and dedication. Likewise, a dedicated follower who is unwilling or unable to harness their rage, is no more effective then a sword stuck in its sheath.

Those who feel they have the potential to harness their inner rage and join the followers of Aarn, should seek out his place of worship beneath the stones where his kin go to remember.

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