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[Human IMM] [EMPIRE] Agathocles the Eclipsing Moon, Scythe of Weakness
Tattoo: mark of the eclipsing moon
Sphere(s): Order, Greed, Strength


Many believe that power lies in the collection of wealth or the ability to wield arcane magics. Others believe power rests in the ability to kill or avoid death. These things can aid in achieving true power, but all are fleeting. Those who seek the mark of Agathocles understand that true power comes from the manipulations of the systems of society, government, and law. The order of society was created so that the strong may wrest power for themselves. Without order true power cannot be held, without strength power cannot be attained, and without the unquenchable thirst for power life is not worth living. The followers of Agathocles embrace the faiths of Order, Greed, and Strength. Seek the Shrine of Agathocles where desolation and a dark sense of dread hang low over the horizon.

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