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[D-Elf IMM] [TRIBUNAL] Astein the Vain-Glorious Fist, Shaper of Worlds
Tattoo: a fiercely burning, dark blue candle
Sphere(s): Strength, Vanity, Creation


History is written by those with the power and strength, to do so. So too, do those of great strength write reality. It is to these, that a call is sent out. Very few have the potency and belief to shape the world, but for those few, anything is possible. A single candle never flickering shall light their path, for the unending light, unending belief is what these few can never lose. But, the path is not an easy one. For a true shaper of reality must have strength. Strength in such abundance, that despite all the foes and all the fools striving against reality, nothing can quench their power, and ability to make it so. It is an eternal test to the spirit, for strength must be of more then merely the physical.

Yet the power to shape the world is not enough, for belief is crucial, doubt can strike at the best of men. But the true wearer shall never waver, for they posess knowledge of themselves, and know that true faith can never be dealt with. As long as breath remains in the body so shall the true belief, the true reality.

Seek Me out where the strange, so-called impossibilities abound.

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