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[Human IMP] [None] Balgrimnr the Ehren Lord
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Honor


Balgrimnr is the Lord of Honor. Those rare individuals who know enough of Honor can become members of Balgrimnr's Ehren Guard. The Ehren Guard are dedicated to promoting Honor throughout the realm of Thera, and may be of any profession, so long as Honor is foremost in their heart.

Those seeking to become one of the Ehren Guard should know in their hearts what actions, beliefs, and ideals to put forth. Seeking advice from any others in the ways of Honor is folly. Either you know Honor or you do not.

Balgrimnr has no set shrine within the world for mortals to pray for him. Honor should exist and flourish throughout all of Thera. Prayer from common places such as a guild will likely be ignored, or taken as insult, as though the one seeking Balgrimnr could not take the time to go to a place of solitude.

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