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[Human IMM] [SCION] Beroxxus the Ill Omen, Lord of Dark Revelations, Tormentor of the Damned
Tattoo: a festering tattoo of three interlocking rings
Sphere(s): Death, Destruction, Revelation


There exist a being whose true name is so dreaded, that only the denizens of the Hells dare utter it, least they draw his attention. It is among the Eight, or so they are called. The Eight being the eight words stricken from the mortal world for they are so evil, so fearsome, that to even know them could destroy ones meager existence. Only the most powerful beings would speak these eight words with no fear. So it is Man that gives birth to the name of Beroxxus the Ill Omen, Lord of Dark Revelations, and Tormentor of Souls.

Those who follow the Dark Baron believe that Life and Death exist in a duality. Men and women for the most part find an Eternity of Bliss when they finally slip into the Afterlife. Yet, there are those that are damned. These are the people who live a wicked life, a life of despair, or a life of suffering. Among these are the people who have no hope, no joy, and no happiness. These souls belong to Beroxxus, so that he might torment them forever in death.

Yet, there is a small group of men and women that have come to the revelation that they are damned. These men and women have but one chance. If they can prove themselves to be cruel and creative enough in bringing suffering and pain to the living, it is rumored that they will find themselves a position of power in death. It is they that understand that to destroy the body is meaningless, but to destroy the spirit, the mind, and soul is true power. To make one not desire or remember happiness, joy, passion, or love, to cause men and women to wallow in their despair. Only by doing such in life can the faithful hope to impress the Lord of Pain and Suffering, so they might sit at his side as aides and not the tormented.

By these followers causing men and women to give up hope, joy, and happiness do more souls become damned. Once they are broken a quick death is usually completed by the priest to send the soul to their Dark Lord.

A gathering of worshippers of Beroxxus can often be found in a chapel of screams or a place where suffering and torture are dealt. A festering tattoo of three interlocking rings mark these followers.

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