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[Dwarf IMP] [BATTLE] Boltthrower the Dwarven Captain
Tattoo: the white, double-bladed axe tattoo
Sphere(s): Combat, Judgement, Earth


Those who bear the mark of the white, double-bladed axe tattoo are the followers of BoltThrower?. The ones who wear the white axe are students of warfare. The art of war contains many nuances which must never be lost. Knowing both your own abilities as well your enemy's is of utmost importance. The study of combat conditions, environment, as well as the ability to use the knowledge that is gained from this allows the student of war to be on even terms with the mightiest of foes. The many aspects of war include wisdom, brute strength, and cunning. The key to victory, however, is the proper judgement of which is necessary for the current situation.

<center>Other Titles:
BoltThrower? the Leader of the IVth Crusade

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