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[Elf IMM] [TRIBUNAL] Bria the Lady of Mercy
Tattoo: the hummingbird tattoo
Sphere(s): Justice, Love, Mercy


Those who bear the mark of the Hummingbird are emotional people who temper their actions with love and mercy. Mercy comes in its many forms, be it a quick death or a helping hand. They seek justice by enforcing the laws or enforcing their own sense of justice. But never will they let mercy and justice cloud their mind and heart to love. Love in its many forms must be cherished and protected, for it is a fragile thing that can not protect itself from the darkness that seeks to corrupt it. Those who bear this mark come in many shapes and sizes but each has found a way to blend and balance these three elements in their life.
Description and items:
Room description The Goddess of Love and Mercy is here, treating you with the Justice you deserve.
Wave after wave of intense emotions washes over you. Passion, Hate, Sadness, Inspiration, Worry, Sympathy, Happiness, Forgiveness, Dread, Leniency, Love, Apprehension, Jealousy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear, Greed, Joy, Craving, Gentleness, Detest, Trepidation, Shame, Charity, Generosity, Grief, Rapture, Uneasiness, Cruelty, Compassion, Zeal, Rage, Despair, Tolerance, Elation, Tenderness, Lust, Loath, Pride, Mercy. Then as suddenly as they started they are gone leaving you feeling nothing.
Her deep blue eyes watch you waiting for what will come with a serene smile. Her face is one of a timeless classical lady. Her elven ears point up thought her mass of pale silver blond hair which is piled recklessly on her head as thought the wind played with it, left this and she simple placed a silver comb in it to hold it in place. Her tall thin frame and lean body is covered in a pale blue dress and a dark blue cloak hangs from her bare shoulders.
You are using: <worn around neck> a dark blue cloak adorned with tiny silver hummingbirds <worn on body> a pale blue silk gown <worn on head> a bird shaped comb <wielded> the Axe of Justice <tattooed> the hummingbird tattoo

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