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[D-Elf IMM] [SCARAB] Cyradia the Demon Goddess, Executioner of the Blind
Tattoo: mark of the onyx scarab
Sphere(s): Strength, Destruction


Those that follow Lady Cyradia have not only seen through the fog of illusion to the pure evil will of man, but have devoted their lives to the destruction of the blinded profane. As they follow their own will, they strive to live a life of purity as they embrace the dark truth. Mortals wearing the mark of Cyradia have commited themselves to the Cult of the Scarab, as the group works towards the common goal of cleansing the world from the fog of illusion. For the fog has many forms, but in all cases, shields those who are weak from the reality of their true nature and the nature of those around them.
Few are strong enough to bear the burden of truth and to see past the hypocritical lies that plague the land. Still fewer have the purity to withstand being tainted by the lies and to live a life destroying the fog of illusion in all the forms it takes in Thera. Those that contain these merits will gather under the Onyx Scarab to support the Cult and insure it prevails over the fog.
It is worth noting, before approaching Cyradia, that she is both evil and chaotic. Even the most worthy and devout follower can find him or herself on the receiving end of her wrath if her mood is foul. Standing before her is truly risking your life and soul, and is not recommended for those new to Carrion Fields. Healers are especially frowned upon given the nature of the Demon Goddess and their bones have been ground into her shrine floor more than once.
(Seriously...did we mention evil, chaotic, and mean? You've been warned.)
<center>Other Titles:
Cyradia the Ravager of the Deluded

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