Immortals of Carrion Fields
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Immortal: Tattoo: Sphere(s):
Akresiusa sanguine chaliceBeauty, Combat, Victory
Amaranthean ornate mandalaFertility, Seasons, Death
Baerinikaa black jaguar with glowing white eyesCourage, Combat, Purity
Corrlaan(Glowing) angel's wingsMercy, Protection
Daevryna diamond in the roughPride, Lust, Destruction, Earth
Enliltha majestic silver scepterStrength, Envy, Greed
FjarnunknownAir, Honor, Fate
JasthreanunknownAnger, Creation
LianunknownKnowledge, Magic, Victory
MarcatisunknownDeath, Judgment, Spirit
Neltouda(Glowing) a moon-lit storm cloudStorms, Music, Greed
Rayihna purple lotusHealing, Love, Vanity, Water
ReksahunknownRevelation, Necromancy, Knowledge, Concealment
Scarabaeusmark of the ruby scarabTruth, Purity
ThrorMark of the Hammer and AnvilStrength, Fire, Purity
Twisttattoo of the Dragon's ToothMagic, Honesty
Whiysdan(Glowing) the number thirteenWisdom, Courage, Passion
Ysaloeryea vicious, star-shaped scarCombat, Rage, Earth
Arvama diamond ringed by multi-hued starsPassion, Gluttony, Divination, Revelation
Dalterica golden cranePeace, Reason, Judgement
Eshvala burning eye set into a black handBeauty, Passion, Necromancy
GrobbakunknownSpirit, Lust, Truth
Grurk(Glowing) a circle of molten steel, wreathed in blue flamesAnger, Justice
Innisa golden chalice ringed by nine glowing sunstonesRevelation/Divination, Vivimancy
Iunnaan incarnadine spiralFire, War, Poetry
Julliasa black crowDeception, Concealment
Kastellynthe mark of the constellation of five starsPride, Combat, Honor
Lyristeon(Glowing) a gaping mawChaos, Deception, Wisdom
MergullaunknownGluttony, Sloth, Covetousness, Para-Elements
MuulocunknownDeath, Fire
PadweiunknownPassion, Seasons, Vivimancy
Picothe chromatic flame tattooChaos
PsuchaeunknownSpirit, Fate
Qaledusa small, leather coin purseGreed, Concealment, Knowledge
Sebeoka flaring emerald sunburst tattooSpirit, Fertility, Revelation, Divination
Thrakburzugan infected, oozing scarCovetousness, Gluttony, Rage
UrtrekisunknownSpirit, Protection, Vivimancy
Valguarnerathe mark of the hydraDedication, Judgement, Truth
Vilhazaroga rotting skull tattooDeath, Envy
Yeanthe test mark of the crossed sword and fluteKnowledge, Strength, Beauty
Aarn(Glowing) a mithril warhammer shrouded in golden flamesDedication, Rage
Agathoclesmark of the eclipsing moonOrder, Greed, Strength
Asteina fiercely burning, dark blue candleStrength, Vanity, Creation
Beroxxusa festering tattoo of three interlocking ringsDeath, Destruction, Revelation
Boltthrowerthe white, double-bladed axe tattooCombat, Judgement, Earth
Briathe hummingbird tattooJustice, Love, Mercy
Cyradiamark of the onyx scarabStrength, Destruction
Drokalanatymno tattoounknown
Eryndoriallaurel of twisting olive leavesReason, Courage, Beauty
Galadrielthe golden leaf tattooTruth, Wisdom, Revelation, Divination
Garetha lance of white flameJustice, War, Purity
Grumorumthe everchanging cloudTruth, Honesty
Guerricthe brand of the great white lionPride, Courage, Fate
Holtzendorffthe mark of the Gray HornSpirit, Purity, Combat
Ilraethan icy blue third eye in the center of the foreheadKnowledge, Water, Death
Intronana Blood-Stained RavenTime, Combat, Death
Ishmaelthe double spiral tattooPara-Elements, Chaos
Justinsilver hammer engraved with runesKnowledge, Judgement
Kahosarina jade dragonEarth, War, Balance
Khasotholasa skull swarmed by hornetsOrder, Creation, Death
Lorhanthe mark of the blood-stained gauntletCourage, Strength, Justice
Mayeshathe mark of the shifting auroraeFate, Sloth, Vanity
Mynawktattoo of a severed eyeAnger, Greed
Nepenthea crown of starsHonesty, Dedication, Order
Nimbustattoo of the Iron-Bound GauntletWar, Rage, Courage
Niryazaa delicate, scarlet-tinged webDeception, Pride, Judgement
Nordewina snowflakeWater, Air, Balance
Ordasena great white bearWar, Courage
Poetrythe Poet's QuillKnowledge, Poetry, Music, Air
Radickontattoo of the Rampaging BullFire, Victory, Rage
Raisatattoo of a Darkened RoseDedication, Protection
Rhegmathe mark of cultivationLust, Pride, War
SaldradienA cyclone with interlocking tailsAir, Storms, Vivimancy
Savraetha fiery red third eye in the center of the foreheadFire, Magic, Vivimancy
Selricthe mark of the open handHealing, Peace, Protection
Shaziraha shimmering mirageSpirit, Beauty, Poetry, Music
Tanadina copper banded jackalGreed, Concealment, Chaos
Trabrynthe Indigo triangleHonesty, Order, Dedication
Ullerthe forked lightening bolt tattooStorms, Vivimancy
Vahlena pale jade dragonEarth, Balance, Dedication
Vassagontattoo of the Crimson EagleVictory, Combat, War
Velkurah(Glowing) the fiery winged ki-rinOrder, Pride, Combat
Vynmylaka Steel ClarionHonor, Rage, War
YanorethA waxing silvery moonTime, Fate, Knowledge, Concealment
Zebulusa kiznah runeMagic
Zulghinloura flaming crown on an ebony standardPassion, Knowledge, Victory

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