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[D-elf IMM] [SCION] Reksah the Obscure
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Revelation, Necromancy, Knowledge, Concealment

Does a dead man really tell no tales?

One that seeks to curry the favor of Reksah knows that the dead have many tales to tell. A collector of secrets and oracle of shadows, Reksah's history is cloaked in rumor, but many believe that he came into being at the end of Thera's Fourth Age, as all the planes of existence were wiped away into void. Knowing his position was weak relative to many of the other gods, he chose to bide his time in the Void, gathering up secrets and stealing glances of the other planes as lost souls drifted within his reach.

Consorting with those lost between life and death, Reksah learned countless things long lost to mortals, but nothing more valuable than learning the rituals necessary to make sense of the Omens from the energy in the moments after someone or something has died. Surrounded by his choir of shades, Reksah eventually was able to grow enough in power to be able to start keeping some of his many eyes on Thera and even begin haunting certain individuals with the promise of his lost lore.

Even more than knowing things long-forgotten by the living, the Eye in the Darkness delights in knowing that others need the knowledge it holds. Knowledge by itself is of little value if others do not seek it and Reksah is just as happy spreading misinformation if it is more desired or more entertaining. Those who would walk the lands as an intermediary of Reksah know that great mysteries may become unlocked to them, but that they also continually walk in the uneasy balance of satisfying the blasphemous curiousity of their infantile demi-god.

The Eye in the Darkness, the Secret of the Void, the Mirage of Enlightenment these are all some of the many sobriquets of the mysterious deity Reksah. Many say that only a fool--or someone truly desperate--would seek his aid, but there are others that think the risk is worth it. Those who wish to find some answer from Reksah would do well to go beneath the Thera's surface, where the shifting shadows of the Underdark provide cover for work that is best kept hidden from prying eyes.

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