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[Imp IMM] [None] Lyristeon the Stratagem of Nihilists
Tattoo: (Glowing) a gaping maw
Sphere(s): Chaos, Deception, Wisdom


During the time of the creation of Thera, the Forsaken One created a servant Imp from magic and chaos. For eons the Imp labored for the Forsaken One. He also learned from the Forsaken One. As the Forsaken One's attention was diverted more towards the factions, the Imp began to have more freedom. Acting the servant towards the one's the Forsaken One had chosen to become immortal, he found their minds easy to tap into as he had watched his creator do. Over time, the Imp's power began to grow. By the time the Forsaken One had left the realms, he had completely forgotten about his little servant who had grown to unknown power. The Gods saw him as they always did, the servant, and tried to treat him as such. It was then that the imp decided to leave. For ages, he has sat back and watched...until now.

A gambler relies on the expressions of others to become successful. A mouth agape can show many emotions. One of the Gaping Maw uses these expressions to their own ends. Whether it be as a hero or foe is not significant to one who adheres to the tenets. Bringing forth a strong reaction of emotion from the intended target is the goal sought. Indifference of the gambler is needed to make this affect complete.

One of the Gaping Maw shines when an act of chaos has tightened its grip upon a person or situation that they in return can use to their own benefit. They are the manipulators of emotion.

They will use means of deception in all triumphs and failures. Both need be intentional. It is known everyone can fail in their attempts, but one of the Gaping Maw does it when it is least expected. Acting as if something easy is hard and something hard was easy is the norm.

To make these events cause a Gaping Maw, wisdom must be used. To be the bumbler who comes through or to be the constant that has failed requires timing and tact that only true wisdom can provide.

As unpredictable as Lyristeon's actions are, so are the places you should choose to reach the imp.


A tiny being with slate blue skin covered in fine black hairs hovers effortlessly above the ground. His eyes of pur black with no signs of white bulge out from sharply angled eye sockets. The face of this creature is triangular in shape where the chin comes to a point in a small tuft of fine hair. Ears angled like an elf stick out and not back from this beings head. Sharp black points of teeth peek out from between his lips giving way to a mouth that appears too large for its head. Thin arms barely a foot long each, end with clawed human-sized hands. The legs of this creature are no more than a foot and a half and end with hooves for feet. Held in its right hand is a small baton with a shrunken human head on top. The small head on the baton is in a constant stat of changing expressions.

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