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[Human IMM] [SCION] Mergulla the Insatiable, Queen of Those Who Would Not Be Denied
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Gluttony, Sloth, Covetousness, Para-Elements


It is said that we were created from primordial ooze, and when we die our bodies return the substance, rotting away. The followers of Mergulla the Insatiable seek to be as close to the primal, to that spark of evolution, as possible. Life from the beginning ooze to the ending rot is short and few truly know how to enjoy the hours they have. To them, a man has base instincts, desires, and needs, and in this lifetime to satisfy them is to bring you that much closer to the beginning. Mergulla, Queen of those who would not deny themselves, is a goddess who takes her gluttonous desires to the far extreme. Little is known of where she came from, but her ability to get what she wants when she wants it is legendary.

Everyone has a different view of what power is and how to obtain it, but the supplicants of Mergulla know that the key to power is actually the ability to get what you want with the least amount of effort possible. Morals do not give them pause, loyalties do not tangle their desires, and no one truly rules them besides the Queen herself. Her followers have no desire to be king, no great lust to rule or own�rather, they would be the king's food taster who eats as the king does, the accountant who can slip as much gold in their pocket as they wish under the table, the whore who gets the money and the pleasure. When they are confronted with an obstruction to obtaining that which they desire, rather than fight it, they flow like a primordial ooze around, finding an easier path.

Those who would kneel before the Queen will find her in a place where the more you struggle the quicker death will find you. Those who appeal to her generous appetites will find her favor more easily.

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