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[Fire IMM] [SCION] Muuloc the Dread Sculptor, Charnel God
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Death, Fire


The Cult of the Charnel Forge is composed of those who seek to understand and revel in the mysteries of death, attempting the path of their Lord, Muuloc.

This is a path full of vivid suffering, beautiful torment, and of course death. Such is to be relished and spread amongst allies and foes alike.

For it is in death that one experiences the Forge's Shaping, which invigorates with new wisdom and clarifies passions. It burns away inhibitions and brands scalding lessons into the psyche. This gift is often foolishly rejected out of pride or stupidity. Apprentices who would seek Muuloc's favor would do well to nurture such gifts with much consideration. Those requiring the same lessons repeatedly will not impress him. The Shaping is a great pleasure, yet is not meant to be wasted.

Nor are the lessons an end unto themselves. For any who seek the Cult should burn within with roaring passions demanding expression. It is this that makes a supplicant of interest to Muuloc, as he enjoys shearing away the mundane layers so that the raw fire of his subjects are exposed.

The mysteries of the Forge must be explored without anything forbidding possible discoveries. Only the mind unrestrained by outside moralities will be initiated. There are stories of paladins seeking out Lord Muuloc, paladins who first tasted his power, only to be left warped and wretched.

With a deeply disturbing sense of humor and a lack of respect for anything save his next creation, Muuloc is an unstable and cruel God. Those who draw his attention should be wary, as he enjoys breaking souls. Fresh corpses are his preferred gift, it is widely known, as the Forge always needs fuel.

Description and items:

Smells of sulfur and burning flesh mingle with an aura of unholy power that emanates from the black giant before you. At first glance he is a truly gruesome sight. Most of his flesh is flayed bare, exposing bleeding red thick sinuous muscles. Broken bones jut out from his limbs and torso at odd angles like sharp spikes. Burns cover his body, some flowing in rivulets as if acid was slowly poured over his head. Vital organs are exposed by huge rips across his abdomen. Upon his face is a mask of tormented black flame. Looking closer you sense something unnatural in his movement, and realize that his gory countenance is forged of metal.

Muuloc is using: <worn on finger> a thick band of scabs <worn on body> platemail sculpted into carnage <worn on head> an acid-burnt skull cap <worn on face> a mask of tormented black flames <worn on legs> gory legplates spiked with bone <worn on arms> gory armplates spiked with bone <worn about body> (Burning) (Black Aura) an aura of unholy power <worn around wrist> a bracer formed into pus-filled skin <wielded> (Humming) a huge bleeding sword named 'Agony' <held> a flagon of blood <tattooed> (Glowing) a shimmering black flame

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