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[Storm IMM] [FORTRESS] [ACOLYTE] Padwei Trah'Vella the Summer Storm, Eternal Passion of the Light
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Passion, Seasons, Vivimancy


When the lands were fresh and new, there was a great sense of appreciation for each day that was given, for each creature breathing, for all held dear within the Light. The people of Thera revelled in a day's dawning as a chance to experience what each second would bring. The wild animals of the lands drew upon a similar essence, the eternal struggle of survival taught them that each day was to be cherished and the time spent wisely.

When the days of darkness came, that passion for existence was channeled, forged like a sword to fight the oppressive cloak of shadow. The ages came and went, and it became apparent that life would ever be locked in a battle between the Light and the darkness. As each day became a tedious, monotonous, constant assault, the passion for existence waned. Little time was left to enjoy that which they fought so diligently for and as time progressed further, some did not even know why it was they continued the crusade. It was in this manner that the shadow wore down the resolve of the Light; habit and time had led to forget fulness, and the mundane actions used to defend held little of the purpose and zeal of old. Man became lured away and corrupted by the lust for something different, for greed, for greatness.

It was the wild creatures of the land that sprang from their burrows and out of their nests daily, driven by an indomitable call of their eternal spirit to continue living in the face of adversity. Slowly the people took notice, and those willing to follow found themselves blessed, restored of spirit and reborn with the memory of simpler times. Eventually the night would pass, and they would be alive, ready to greet the day with a flurry of activity and a passion for what the sun's light touched. Bringing upon a return to the days of old, they sunned themselves in the summer, scampered amongst the leaves in autumn, foraged for the winters, and in the spring when the lands renewed, they opened their eyes to the Light. As each season came and passed, there was an urgent need to make each moment matter, even as it was whisked away into the past.

It is in the greatest of these guiding spirits, Padwei, that the Li an incarnadine spiralght may find their calling, and the wild find a sympathetic soul. While inspiration is drawn from the wild's enduring will to survive, those who come before the Summer Storm know the greatest of life's passions awaken and flourish amongst the brothers and sisters of the Light, and the unbreakable camaraderie that comes when united against the shadow. Though the battles pressed upon the lands may be continuous, followers of Padwei know that without respite for what makes life something to be cherished, it is not worth living. Despite this, followers of Padwei do not shy away from the battlefield. Indulging in the pure aspects of life must be balanced with the thwarting of the shadow, so others who are be incapable of defending themselves may also enjoy the world around them. Whether they come bearing the forged weapons of man or the instinctual call of the stalwart spirit, those marked by Padwei will hold steadfast against the darkness. Like the adversity each creature must overcome for every season, chosen of Padwei must find that which can be revered and upheld to the Light even upon the darkest nights, and find warmth and comfort amongst their brethren on the coldest days.

Those who seek Padwei out may find her revelling in a place touched by sand and sea, each reminiscent of her time as a mortal. While those who follow her are often free spirits born the Light, Padwei is not one to turn away others who may wish to uncover the brilliant passion within their own souls - though they may not always find what they seek. Only those who are too overcome with shadow or the ties of structure are shunned from engaging in the passage of the seasons, partaking of the passions, and the eternal renewal of life.

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