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[Arial IMP] [ENTROPY] Pico the Pernicious Poltroon of Pantheonic Poultry Pandemonium
Tattoo: the chromatic flame tattoo
Sphere(s): Chaos


For those of you who desire randomness, unpredictability, confusion, and to emcompass the world within a great maelstrom, you may seek the Chromatic Flame Tattoo. You may be of any moral compass, so long as the fire of Chaos burns within you.

<center>Other Titles:
Pico the Malefactor
Pico The Bird that lost his Title.
Pico, Mildly Amused
Pico the Circulating Illogic
Pico the Ransacker of Convention
Pico the Onyx Raptor
Pico the Devil of Delusions
Pico the Chaosmonger
Pico the Bromide Elixir
Pico the Baron of haCso
Pico icy Ejdxo xq Mcjxq
Pico the Icy, Idiosyncratic, Impertinent Iconoclast
Pico the Grand Inquisitor of Chaos, Esquire
Pico the Hellkite of Harassment
Pico the Buccaneer
Pico the Thrower of the Black Dice
Pico, the Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, inside an Enigma
Pico the Instigator of Random Violence
Descripton and items:
Room description The Bird of Prey is here, screeching maniacally at you.

Circling above you is a dark, ethereal black raptor. You definately don't mistake him for being slow in any respect. Watching him fly around you can tell he is extremely nimble by all the twists and turns he keeps jackniving himself into. His mind seems to be as sharp as a razor, seeming to pierce your own mind. You can tell he really doesn't see everything around him, but with his head constantly spinning around it looks like he is quite aware of everything he can see and and uses his smarts to fill in the gaps left by his eyes. Looking at the rest of his body you are truly and utterly befuddled. He appears to have some of the strongest and finest armor in all of Thera - maybe even the universe - but it is in a horrible shambles. Nothing is being worn as you would expect it to be, it is all in various states of disrepair, and is tarnished to a blackness that is beyond the retrieval of even the most pure-hearted soul. The armor seems to pulsate with some of the most virulent and despicable of intentions and past deeds. The only thing you can truly fathom about this creature is that now he has turned slightly toward your gaze with a chilling countenance of his own, made all the more unnerving by the black talon which still gleams with the blood of a recent victim. You wonder what interest this awe-inspiring creature could have in you, why he is looking over you with some sort of interest in you....
Pico is using: <worn on body> a pair of black dice <worn on head> an eyeball mounted on an obsidian band <worn on feet> (Glowing) a Silver Badge smeared with blood <worn on arms> (Humming) the hyoid of a paladin <worn around wrist> (Humming) a charcoal black chestplate <worn around wrist> (Death Aura) a pitch black robe, splattered in blood <wielded> the Black Talon <tattooed> (Glowing) the chromatic flame tattoo

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