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[ Beyond the veil of sleep and beneath the guise of physical reality, is a realm of shadow and spirit that beckons every mortal's heart. It is the realm of destiny and discovery, of dreams and secrets.

Whether in the domain of utopian visions or terrible nightmares, Psuchae touches the hopes and dreams of all mortals. Psuchae herself has no particular moral compass or desire, other than to reign over the plane of dreams.

Those who choose to worship Psuchae are those who maintain that the Dreaming is not mere chaos or random echoes of the mind, but rather a glimpse into one's ideal destiny. Free will is a vice of the physical world, and submission to fate is one's most spiritual calling. Psuchae, it is said, carries a book upon which is written the spiritual destiny of all mortals. Will you fulfill your spiritual destiny, or become swayed by physical influence?

So it is said that those who are reigned by Fate and Spirit can be visited by Psuchae. Morality is of no consequence. Either the righteous paladin or the most vile necromancer might embrace the destiny of their dreams. Each must only maintain a philosophy that understands that even their nemesis might walk the path as it is written in the Lexicon of Dreams.

Those who seek Psuchae's blessing will find no holy place beyond the insubstantial reality of their own dreams. Priests of the Dreaming are said to whisper prayers before settling into slumber, with the spirited hope that Psuchae will walk into their subconscious mind. ] [None] Psuchae Human IMM
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Spirit, Fate


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