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[Human IMM] [None] Qaledus the Legitimate Businessman
Tattoo: a small, leather coin purse
Sphere(s): Greed, Concealment, Knowledge


The greater tendency in the deeds of the people of Thera is to fight solely for themselves. When they can, they wish to live and prosper at the expense of others. The history of Thera has ever borne witness to the truth of it: the incessant wars, religious persecutions, attempts at universal slavery, anarchy, and dishonesty in commerce. No matter how noble the conscious motive, it is this primitive instinct that impels people to satisfy their desires with the least possible effort. And nothing satisfies desire like wealth.

Within civilization, the inclination to thievery and skullduggery is counteracted by laws, religion and social mores. However, in some hearts the instinct to plunder is too strong and the constraints of law and morality are perceived only to the extent they are obstacles to the further acquisition of wealth and the escape of punishment. It is in the whispers of these driven rogues and scoundrels, swindlers and bounty hunters, that the name of Qaledus is invoked.

Worshippers of Qaledus have an innate gift with their chosen trade. They acquire great wealth easily, for they are very clever, and take pains not to draw the kind of attention which might hamper further acquisitions.

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