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[Cloud IMP] [SYLVAN] Sebeok the Omnipresent Voice of Instinct
Tattoo: a flaring emerald sunburst tattoo
Sphere(s): Spirit, Fertility, Revelation, Divination


The driving force of every living natural creature, the crux of what makes them who or what they are, is the distilled essence of life, their spirit. Each of us is born with this spark of life within, it is that which defines us and seperates us from inanimate objects, and that which leaves us at death. In the wilderness, untamed creatures live their days at the dictates of their spirit, free to react to their instinctual urges. The newborn sapling knows without instruction to press through the soil and seek the light of the sun. The bear instinctively turns to the solace of his cave to hibernate when the air turns cold and biting. Wild creatures are more true to their basic, pure nature and thus are to be emulated and nurtured. As the very source of life, the domain of the spirit is the conception and continuation of life. By celebrating birth and growth, realizing the wondrous power of Nature's creative forces, one honors the true miracle of the soul which springs up like wildfire, unstoppable and uncontrollable.

Over the ages, men have come to distance themself from their spirit, though it still burns within them. They erect flimsy walls of stone or wood to keep out the forces of nature, they acquiese to social conventions and manmade constructs. But the creepers and vines will one day have the destruction of that wall and within himself, a man knows the power of his spirit that must find expression. The followers of Sebeok are those who seek a oneness with their spirit, who live a life unchained. They delve past all subterfuge within themself as well as others and disregard illusion to discover enlightenment. No walls can contain them, nor rules daunt their nature. They live as wild creatures, giving voice to every primal urge that rises up within them, for these are the dictates of their true soul. They are distinct individuals, for they have cast aside the falsehood of conformity, which is a thing of civilization, to embrace the glory of their own free will. They are reticent to assign roles to anyone and refuse to accept labels or limitations for themself. Those who search for a gathering of these followers will find it a challenge, for they roam the dark, untouched woodlands as wild creatures, coursing beneath the stars and howling at the moon.

<center>Other Titles:
Sebeok the Savage, Untamed Spirit of the Wild
Sebeok the Great Wilderspirit, Soul of the Western Wind
Sebeok the Wandering Star of the Emerald Sky

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