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[Orc IMM] [None] Thrakburzug the Bringer of Darkness
Tattoo: an infected, oozing scar
Sphere(s): Covetousness, Gluttony, Rage


Mark of the Grinning Skull
Only the strongest survive. All who are weaker than you must submit to your will and all who are stronger than you must rule over you, until you are stronger than them, which must be your goal. Eat the weak and steal their baubles. Appease the strong but always work for the time when you can eat them.

The strongest of the weak; the most cunning of the cunning; the greediest of the greedy. These are the orcs who will wear the mark of the Grinning Skull.

Thrakburzug claims dominion over the spheres of Gluttony, Rage, and Covetousness.

Description and items
A huge, fat, hairy creature stands before you. Rolls of blubber undulate around his middle. His massive arms bulge out like sausages encased in too tight wrappings. Short stubby muscled legs stick out from beneath his enormous belly, lending an air of solidity to his posture. His head seems almost too large for even this gargantuan creature. Dirty yellow teeth, sharpened to points, grin an evil smile below a bulbous piglike nose. Blood-red eyes glare out from beneath bony brows. His greasy, jet-black hide is covered with coarse black hair, except where jagged grey scars furrow their way through his skin.
Thrakburzug is using: <worn on finger> a ring made of gnome bones <worn around neck> a necklace with a vial hanging from it <worn around neck> (Glowing) a necklace made of chewed up ears <worn on head> the skull of an ancient grey bear <worn about waist> a ragged loincloth made out of elf-skin <wielded> (Humming) a huge axe named 'Elf-Death' <tattooed> an infected grinning skull scar

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