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[H-Elf IMP] [unknown] Urtrekis the Everchanging, Soulreaver
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Spirit, Protection, Vivimancy


The mortal body is a weak and aimless vessel that serves only to constrain the soul, to keep it from reaching its fullest potential. The soul, knowing no other existence, clings fervently to the body with all its strength. Even when briefly freed from its prison it swiftly returns, weakened each time by the cycle of brseparation and rebirth. Eventually the soul loses the strength to return to the mortal shell - but, weakened by the cycle, it has lost as well the ability to even exist. And so it vanishes for the remainder of time.

Followers of Urtrekis believe that this endless cycle can be interrupted - that they can free the strongest souls forever from their prison of flesh, allowing them to move on. They believe that the death of a powerful enemy at the hands of a Breaker provides Urtrekis with the opportunity to shepherd the freed soul to the Beyond, the next stage of existence. They know that to do this drains Urtrekis considerably, but it is a small price for It to pay when weighed against the eventual permanent loss of a soul to the Void. If Urtrekis is unable to bring a freed soul to the Beyond, It will return it to the body, capturing a small portion of the energy of the soul and channeling it to the Breaker to use as the Breaker sees fit.

The souls of the weak must be protected, guarded within their prisons until they grow strong enough to seize the opportunity to go Beyond. The Shepherds of Urtrekis have sworn to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to aid the weak, to teach them how to grow into the power that will eventually grant them freedom. Rare is the Breaker who can be a Shepherd, and rarer still the Shepherd who can be a Breaker, but they are the most favored of the SoulReaver?.

Neither Breakers nor Shepherds fear death, for they know that it grants them the opportunity to go Beyond themselves, something they yearn for deeply.

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