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[Lich IMM] [SCION] Valguarnera Trisseptia, Elder Prophet of the Omens
Tattoo: the mark of the hydra
Sphere(s): Dedication, Judgement, Truth


The Mark of the Hydra is said to grace the obsessed, the driven, and sometimes the mad. They are the scholars, the planners, the architects of grand deeds, methodical and orderly in their ways, and bold in their vision. Those marked with the Hydra speak of an afterlife where souls are doomed to oblivion for leading wasted lives which came to no great purpose, and view every day as a fleeting chance to avert this worst of fates. Some stand alone, withdrawing into isolation to best focus on their pursuits, far from the ignorance of society. Others walk among the masses, condemning their complacency, manipulating them to their ends, seeking the few who are wise enough to be of use to their schemes.

In their pursuit of the truth of greater things, the faithful are sworn never to lie, for it is beneath them. The prepared mind does not need such means, and it would compromise their credibility to be caught in a lie. Truth, chosen carefully, is a far more deadly weapon in the correct hands, and there are always available puppets to perform such menial deeds as deception. Those marked are thus calculating, weighing all matters carefully before action, and remaining several steps ahead of those who might seek to foil them.

Their rites are worked in secrecy, and their worship is accomplished wherever they find most symbolic of their goals.

Description and items:

Before you stands a tall, gaunt figure, clad in the robes of a mystic. Sickly, blackened hide seems stretched over the skull, and the eye sockets lie cold and empty. Repulsive by any measure, what graces remain stem from the careful, almost practiced, way he carries himself. Your eyes are drawn more towards his robes, for they are both elegant and unusual. An intricate pattern of red and blue weaves itself through the garment, blended to a series of symbols and glyphs. Prominent among these are a circle about a center, a crescent, a circle above a cross, a circle conjoined with an arrow, intertwined serpents, a scythe, and a forked glyph denoting lightning. Special care has been taken in tracing a thin, golden rune denoting a hydra as well... it seems newer than the others, and woven of a beautiful thread that shimmers in the light. Various patterns of astrological significance have been embroidered into his belt, which serves to support a surprising variety of small pouches and obscure instruments. Prominent among the signs is a stylized sentinel figure, its spear held aloft. A lightweight traveler's journal bound in a curious skin of some sort hangs at his left hip-bone, and its surface seems nearly covered by runes, carvings, and symbolism.

Valguarnera is using: <worn on finger> a silver band marked with a crescent rune <worn on finger> a copper ring bearing a glyph of lightning <worn on body> (Glowing) elegant patterned robes <worn on head> a golden circlet, devoid of luster <worn about body> (Glowing) an aura of silent power <worn about waist> a belt embroidered with the constellations <worn around wrist> a thick iron bracelet, inscribed with a Hydra <wielded> a pitted iron blade, blackened by time <held> an ebony tome, crackling with power <tattooed> a copper rune, denoting a Hydra

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