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[Human IMM] [EMPIRE] Vilhazarog the Dark Knight, Lord of Malice
Tattoo: a rotting skull tattoo
Sphere(s): Death, Envy


Hail young acolyte. So, you seek the Black Conclave of Vilhazarog? Then listen well. Is it not wrong that there are those that walk Thera comfortable in their wealth, confident in their power, blissfully unaware of the pointlessness of their pathetic lives, while we suffer the unbearable agonies of life in this wretched world?

The Dark Knight has shown us the way. With his guidance we shall raise the rotting corpses of their loved ones and make a mockery of all they hold dear. We shall poison their water and plague their fields. We shall torture the weak and laugh as we drink their own blood before their very eyes, toasting our Dark Lord. We shall teach them horror, fear and revulsion. We shall dedicate their souls to the Dark Knight as their meager lives slip away. For if you grow lax in this, Vilhazarog will remind you of true pain, fear and horror.

Seek out the Conclave where the dead rule if you still have the stomach to join us.

<center>Other Titles:
Vilhazarog the Knight of the Black Arts

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