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[H-Elf IMM] [BATTLE] Kastellyn the Lord of Legends
Tattoo: the mark of the constellation of five stars
Sphere(s): Pride, Combat, Honor


There have always been those who have sought, above all else, to leave their mark upon the world, to render themselves Immortal in name if not in fact. Whether by their skill in combat, their words, or their deeds and actions, these are the chosen few whose names will forever be spoken of with awe and reverence whenever Therans gather and talk of the past.

Whether they were considered a Hero or a Villain is of no consequence, but all who seek the mark of the Constellation of Five Stars must be responsible for orchestrating their own rise to fame. Those who hide behind, or rely too heavily on, the actions or words of others, risk being themselves eclipsed by a brighter star as it rises to the heavens.

When word of your exploits has spread throughout Thera, and has entered even unto the hallowed halls of Asgaard, only then should you seek out the shrine of the Lord of Legends, and only if you hold your Pride, skill in Combat, or Honor above all other things. Seek it in a place near the edge of the lands, where night would hold sway over the day, and the stars shine eternal in the sky.

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