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[Duerg IMP] [None] Jullias, Warder of the Underworld
Tattoo: a black crow
Sphere(s): Deception, Concealment


In a twisted world of lies and deceit, there are a few who have mastered its arts, but many will strive for such a mastery using various techniques. The mark of the black crow is worn by the few people that have reached the pinnacle of the art. Those who have attained such a mastery can not be defined as good, nor neutral, nor evil, nor can petty things as ethos play a part in defining these individuals. The common thread between those who bear the mark of the black crow is that there is a distinct desire that drives them to twist reality and create something believable for an individual or group, be it true or not.

<center>Other Titles:
Jullias, Warder of Reputable Realism
Jullias, Master of Subterfuge

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