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[Felar IMM] [HERALD] Iunna Ashfoot the Untempered Flame of the Forge, Honored of Macalla
Tattoo: an incarnadine spiral
Sphere(s): Fire, War, Poetry


The Warrior-Goddess Iunna is one of legend, a once-mortal student of the Macalla who has returned from the Eternal Flames to teach and navigate the anicent calling of Fire Dancing. Residing over the spheres of Fire, Poetry and War, Iunna inspires her followers to pick up their weapons, be they literal or metaphorical in nature, and stand by their beliefs. They believe that true peace is a spiritually dangerous state of apathy and boredom, and only through conflict, be it intellectual, physical, or emotional, are mortals energized and driven to fulfill their destinies. However, they do not cause conflict and change simply for the sake of doing so.

Renowned for their determination and boundless energy, bearers of the incarnadine spiral are not idlers or laze-abouts, but movers and shakers, drawing upon the fire of their spiritual energy, and encouraging others to do the same. Followers of the Warrior-Goddess possess an innate sense of self, often expressing themselves poetically whether it be by a spirited verbal altercation, the rhythmic motions of friendly sparring, or the wrath of the dancing flames themselves.

Never afraid to speak her mind, Iunna's followers know her best as a spit- fire fela who tells it as she sees it. Like Iunna herself, her followers are outspoken and stubborn, but inspire others to dance within the flames of life and encourage all they meet to fight their demons, be they real or imagined.

Description and items:

Deep honey colored eyes watch over the surroundings intently from the pleasant face of this small fela. The heavy coat of fur that covers much of her is a stark white, so much that it seems to repel dirt and dust. In contrast, her paws are black in an unnatural looking way and are virtually furless. Her ears are short and tipped with long white tufts of fur, each twitching as if they had a life of their own. She seems to have an easy manner about the way she moves and goes about life in general. Despite the agelessness of her appearance, her honey eyes sparkle with the knowledge that a life full of experiences has brought her.
Iunna, a female felar, is in perfect health.

Iunna is using:
a gold ring etched with jade runes set with a fireblood ruby
a long cloak emblazoned with many-pointed silver stars
a black corset laced with ivory ribbon
some wire framed reading glasses
a skirt of many veils
a barbed staff of searing white light named 'Silence'
an incarnadine spiral

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