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[Human IMM] [OUTLANDER] Innis the Lord of Summer
Tattoo: a golden chalice ringed by nine glowing sunstones
Sphere(s): Revelation/Divination, Vivimancy


warmth and life, and its benign presence during spring and summer provides cause for celebration, merry-making and joy. Adherents of the Summer God are bound to the paths of light, life and revelry. The clergy and seekers of the Golden Chalice travel the paths under the Sun and draw their powers from the spheres of Revelation, Vivimancy and Music.

The followers of the Golden Chalice walk in the dark places seeking out the dark servants and falling upon them with a ferocity unmatched. They punish the nightmares and those who send them, driving both back to their fell beginnings. They are warriors and healers, as well as lorekeepers, fighting when the call is heard, and remembering what has passed before.

Those bearing the mark of the Golden Chalice understand that it is the light and power of the Sun that burns away the darkness, bringing forth clarity and health which in turn give cause for celebration. Followers of the Summer God are those who are unfettered with the ideals of societal construals and imposed structure. Revelation and discovery come to those who trust their intuition to lead them to enlightenment.

The realm of Young Innis is a feast of sights and sounds, of imagination's unfettered dance and song. He is often found in a sunlit glade near a dark mist, or within the sunlight of any wild place. Those who seek to discern their path and place in existence, or to rejuvenate and heal, may come and revel in the Light.

Description and items:

He wears the Summer like a cloak, wrapped in its light and warm embrace. His hair is long, untamed and the color of a raven's wing. In the slightest of breezes, it flows and twists like an cloud about his head, obscuring his countenance.

He is tall, slender, consmmately elegant, impossibly beautiful. Innis is fair, yet tanned a burnished gold with rain-washed, black silken hair that roils about him to his narrow waist. He wears, unconsciously, an aura of restrained intensity, much like a reclining cat who may not be as sated and relaxed as it appears.

Mirth and amusement lie in his green-gold eyes, only to change to a blazing sun-gold at the slightest provocation. Yet, there is wisdom in their depths, and within their twin fires, mysteries are revealed.

Innis is using: <worn on finger> (Glowing) a crystaline ring set with an elf-jewel
<worn around neck> the 'Eye of Revelation'
<worn around neck> an amulet of a golden chalice on a leather thong
<worn on body> a white linen shirt
<worn on head> a large-brimmed floppy hat
<worn on legs> trousers of black wool
<worn on feet> a pair of worn leather boots
<worn on hands> a pair of leather half-gloves
<worn on arms> a pair of laced leather sleeves
<worn about body> (Glowing) a long vest of gold dragon scales
<worn about waist> a wide leather belt
<worn around wrist> a worn leather bracer
<worn around wrist> a worn leather bracer
<held> Glowing) a simple lap harp of golden wood
<tattooed> (Glowing) a golden chalice ringed by nine glowing sunstones

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