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[Cloud IMM] [EMPIRE] Grurk the Vengeful, Father of Anger
Tattoo: (Glowing) a circle of molten steel, wreathed in blue flames
Sphere(s): Anger, Justice


Justice, and are driven to extremes to pursue it. Their definition of what constitutes Justice may vary widely, however.

They do not believe in the saying "blood for blood," for this is not an effective deterrent to those that would consider wronging them. An even rule such as this makes it too easy to consider the potential cost and weight of its advantages and disadvantages. These people believe wronging them - or their chosen causes - must be met with the harshest of punishments available. These incidences may be short term, with merely the offender's life, possessions or dignity proving sufficient to sate their anger; or they may evolve into a life-long goal of destruction and bloodshed. Followers of the Molten Circle hold their ideas of Justice and Anger very personally, and often act alone to enact Vengeance. While they have been known to join organizations with various causes matching their own, they are often seen as distant and withdrawn by their comrades.

Often born under the signs of Anger and Justice they are frequently described as "vengeful". These people are obsessed with righting any perceived wrongs while making the offender pay dearly, and are not people to be crossed lightly. As outlooks and understandings of Justice can differ from follower to follower, so may the places one should seek Lord Grurk. However, one should seek to pray for this audience in a location of great personal significance to their personal quest for Vengeance.

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