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[Orc IMM] [None] Grobbak the Reaping Grimace
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Spirit, Lust, Truth


Grobbak Reaping Grimace

His origins cloaked in mystery, Grobbak has risen to preside over the Grinning Skull Clan and the spheres of Spirit, Lust and Truth.

It is a Truth in life all mortals seek to find their place in the world. Those who follow the Reaping Grimace take solace in knowing for them the search is over. They know their place and embrace life as slaves to Grobbak the Reaping Grimace. Wether men know it or not, we are all slaves to one master or another. Followers of Grobbak know this and have chosen to become enslaved to the orc lord willingly, rather than submit unwillingly to any other master. In return, His slaves are treated with all the benevolence you'd expect from the savage lord of the orcs.

Every soul is filled with Lust. Lust for gold, lust for power, lust for pleasure. Those of the Reaping Grimace are no different and often take their lust to extremes. What good is living if we cannot indulge our cravings? Followers of Grobbak, while slaves, have the freedom to pursue their desires and fill every lustful need, so long as the appropriate tribute is paid to their master. Followers of the Reaping Grimace hold no measure or tactic to cheap or low to sate their lust. Any tactic, from utter brutality, blatant cowardice, cunning negotiations, is open to Grobbak's slaves so long their goals are met and their master is fed his due spoils.

A man's Spirit is his true measure and those without an ounce of Spirit are defeated and worthless. Those of the Reaping Grimace understand this well and will stop at nothing to demoralize their foes, crush their Spirit, take their baubles, seed their lands, trample their villages and make all who oppose them slaves of Grobbak.

Being an obedient slave, grovelling in the mud and killing others for the scraps off his master's table is the highest form of tribute for the Reaping Grimace. Those who find themselves marked as Grobbak's slaves find the droppings from the Orc Lord's table ample and satisfying - but also find their pain and suffering ample and overwhelming when they have dissatisfied their Orc Lord and Master.

Those seeking the favor of Grobbak the Reaping Grimace should do so from a place where they feel will please the Orc Lord, as he has no set shrine or church. Choose wisely, for Grobbak has been known to eat mere mortals who have not done so.

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