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[Vampr IMM] [SCION] Eshval the Dark Muse
Tattoo: a burning eye set into a black hand
Sphere(s): Beauty, Passion, Necromancy


What greater pleasure can be had than tearing a soul apart while ensuring that its owner feels nothing save the beauty of terror, pain and misery? The Dark Court teaches that the earthly trappings of flesh must be cleansed and prepared for the exhibition of the soul that lies concealed beneath. While any peasant can part flesh from soul. Only the true artiste creates and participates in the sanguinary dance.

To those who follow Eshval, a diverse and idiosyncratic world is revealed in the dogma of the Court of Dark Jewels. Within the grasp of the Court is a place of wonder, a place of corruption, a place of silence and peace, a place of horrific, yet exquisite anguish. It is understood that Eshval is the Black Court and all are used to fill Her desires, and in return, all shall experience such wonders and flights of terror, that exceed the stuff of Dream.

The Court of Dark Jewels is an enigma to outsiders and its servants are regarded warily. Beyond the identity of Eshval, who grants power to and answers the prayers of these servants, little is actually known of the Court. Rumor persists, however, of dark rituals in which drinking and sacrificing of the blood of the living, willing or not, is deemed as sacramental to those who follow the dictates of Eshval.

To any who seek the Court of Dark Jewels this warning is given: If the supplicant does not possess language, culture and intrinsic beauty, there is nothing in the Court for you...nothing; the Court of Dark Jewels is closed to you forever.

See also: BLOODPET

First description and items:

It is pointless to guess at her age. She seems to exude age like some ancient monolith, and yet she moves with the incredible speed of a striking serpent and the lithe suppleness of a young girl. Her voice is as harsh as the elements, or as soft as a mother's kiss, and yet too it seems hoary beyond measure. Her eyes: they are deep-seated in triangular sockets, heavy lidded, and their true color is likewise impossible to fathom. From a certain angle they are black, shiny as wet pebbles, while from another they are yellow, with gold in their pupils. They are educated eyes and full of wisdom, yet feral too, and brimming with sin.

Her face is as benefits a goddess, aristocratic and too beautifully shaped to be called merely attractive. She is tall and slender. Her mass of raven black hair flows naturally back and forms something of a mane of curls to the middle of her back, making her seem wolfish.

A predatory grin spreads over her darkling features. A smile in which the pupils of her eyes burn like tiny censers, filled with hell's own sulphur...

Eshval is using: <worn on finger> the 'Ring of the Muse' <worn around neck> a black silk scarf <worn around neck> a bone torc set with a black jewel <worn on face> a pair of black mirrored glasses <worn on body> a black silk blouse <worn about waist> a thin leather belt inlaid with dark jewels <worn on head> a black leather beret <worn on legs> a pair of skin-tight black leather pants <worn on feet> a pair of high-heel black leather boots <worn on hands> fingerless black leather gloves <worn about body> a long black leather coat <worn around wrist> a darkened mithril bracelet set with black rubies <wielded> a cane of black unicorn horn, named 'Dance of the Muse' <tattooed> (Glowing) a shimmering black flame

Second description and items:

Terrible to behold, Eshval takes the form of a horrible hag, half alive
and half dead, with a gloomy and grim expression. Her body is that of a
living woman, but her thighs and legs are those of a corpse, mottled
and moldering. Her face, though covered by a gauzy veil, is blue-black,
having the lustre of coal. The teeth behind her blue, corpse-like lips
are sharp and jagged and the color of rusted bone. Within her face is
a single deep pool-like eye that is swifter than a star in winter. Upon
her head is gnarled brushwood-like hair, resembling the clawed roots
of withered oak root.

Eshval is using:
<worn on finger> the 'Ring of Nightmares'
<worn on finger> the 'Ring of Eternal Night'
<worn around neck> an iron chain holding a withered heart
<worn on face> a veil of old cobwebs
<worn on feet> a pair of black mithril chain anklets
<worn about body> the hide of an ancient forvalaka
<worn around wrist> a darkened mithril bracelet set with black rubies
<worn around wrist> a fine bracelet holding demonic charms
<wielded> (Glowing) a gnarled staff of wood
<tattooed> (Glowing) a shimmering black flame

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