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[Human IMM] [TRIBUNAL] Dalteric the Ascetic Monk, Serene Lord of Reason
Tattoo: a golden crane
Sphere(s): Peace, Reason, Judgement


Those who come before the Lord Dalteric seek out a harmonious way of life. Through meditation and reflection, such supplicants focus their efforts on the aspects of the path, combining reasoned thought, a capability for clear judgment, and inner peace. These three aspects are distinct and yet inseparable to a true follower of Dalteric. Reason, an ability for logical and methodical thought, drives the ability to understand, comprehend, and to determine what is needed. Yet, without an ability to judge, competing needs that are reached through rational thought are overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of possibilities. Only through judgment can appropriate solutions be found and acted upon. When this process is used to find and maintain peace, society can reach its full potential.

However, emotions cloud thoughts. They force one to act, often against their own interest, against what they believe is right. Followers of Dalteric seek inner peace, serenity, by withdrawing from the ravages of emotions to allow both reason and judgment their proper place. The truly successful no longer allow emotions to influence their actions and act only by clear, cool-headed reason and judgment as they strive for peace. These aspects also rely on each other for each to be the focus, each part necessary to drive improvement in the rest. All those seeking Lord Dalteric must be mindful of their emotions, for both positive and negative, love and hate, can only lead to blindness to both reason and proper judgment. As such, those seeking to revel in darkness will not find a place for meditation beside the Serene Lord.

While one may seek the ear of Lord Dalteric from any place which leads to inner peace, his monastery lies in the easternmost mountains near a small village.

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