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[Arial IMM] [HERALD] Arvam Raenau the Eternal, Wandering Watcher of the Stars
Tattoo: a diamond ringed by multi-hued stars
Sphere(s): Passion, Gluttony, Divination, Revelation


Experience is the teacher of all great men, thus to become great, followers of Arvam seek to find the most intense and fullfilling experiences they can, and they do so with all their heart.

All followers of Arvam are absolutely sure in their own mind that they will indeed be great so long as they stay true to their hunger and try to experience all that they can. This hunger isn't satisfied by merely scratching the surface of something either, and followers will dig into something until they feel there is absolutely nothing left that can be gained. To this extent followers are known for almost completely losing themselves in whatever they may be focused on at the time. Followers are also known for being constantly in motion. It isn't enough for a follower to merely hear of something, or read about it. Followers of Arvam need to experience things for themselves, with their own eyes, rather than through the filter of another.

Followers of Arvam believe that the most intense, and rewarding experiences revolve around the shaping events of the world, and the people that push them. A follower will always try to push themselves to be near, if not a part of such events, and around such people so that they may be a part of the experiences.

Those who seek the shrine of Arvam would look in the place of his old Goddess, a lush garden near one of the small quaint villages surrounding a rebuilt city.

Other Titles:
Arvam Raenau, Festival Director of the Eternal Star

Description and items:

The first thing that strikes you about the man standing before you are the vibrant colors of his clothing and his wings. That is another odd thing about him, unlike most arials, he doesn't have a beak, nor is his body covered in feathers. Only his wings are covered in feathers. His feathers are all a brilliant crimson color, with the tips a silvery color. The wings themselves are quite large, and seem almost a bit too large for his lean frame. The rest of his clothing is equally vibrantly colored, yet at the same time seems to clash with the bright colors of his wings. Despite how hard on the eyes his clothing is, he does seem to be quite a handsome man. There is not a blemish or mark to be seen upon his face, and while he has a lean build, it is obvious that he is well muscled. He does seem quite pale however, almost unnaturally so. He doesn't appear to be sick in any form as his step is quite lively, and he almost seems to radiate color, but his skin is pure white, not a hint of color to it at all save for the marking on the palm of his left hand.
Arvam is using: <worn around neck> a dark white cloak with a root shaped clasp <worn on head> a flame red headband <worn on feet> a pair of well made, yet worn leather boots <worn on arms> a pair of ornate, woven mithril armbands <worn about body> a cloak of a deep royal blue with the head of a lion embroidered on the back <worn on wings> a bright violet-feathered badge of the House Raenau <worn around wrist> (Glowing) a woven leather bracer dyed crimson <worn around wrist> a bracer of pale blue steel <wielded> a thin shortsword etched with a winged lizard named "Illusion" <dual wield> a long-bladed shimmering sabre named "Zephyr's Edge" <tattooed> (Glowing) a diamond ringed by multi-hued stars

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