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[Dwarf IMM] [BATTLE] Holtzendorff the Highland Soulforge
Tattoo: the mark of the Gray Horn
Sphere(s): Spirit, Purity, Combat


A Follower of the Horn is, above all things, a person of the Spirit; it is their ultimate aim to become one with their soul. Opinions may vary on the exact nature of the soul, or who possesses it -- some see this Spirit among every one of nature's beings, while others believe that only the higher life-forms carry its glimmerings -- but every Follower of the Horn realizes that the Spirit is the most important aspect and most precious gift of life.
The doctrine of the Horn states that there are two facets to Purity of the soul. The first of these is internal: striving to attain personal Purity through growth and introspection. One's Spirit must remain free from corruption and disrupters of spiritual harmony. The second of these is external: spreading the message of Purity and growth to the world. Although those eager to learn must be taught, followers of the Horn are not peaceful when dealing with defilers of Spiritual Purity. Death through Combat serves to cleanse lost, corrupt souls.
The First Precept: Spiritual Purity and Growth in One's Self. Followers of the Horn are not concerned with societal ideals or with outward appearances; their true concern is better understanding of the Spirit of Life that is within them. They seek to remain free of corruption, and strive for spiritual harmony. Defilements of the spirit can come in many forms: greed, lust, sloth, hate, and wanton destruction of life are but a few of the more obvious examples of corruption. Less obvious are those things which can cause disharmony. Good works, mercy, and charity can become hinderances if they become an end unto themselves. Furthermore, engaging in these on a regular basis can weaken the recipient, who would then to need re-examine his own spirit and cleanse that which is preventing them from attaining spiritual harmony.
The Second Precept: Spiritual Purity and Growth in the World. In Thera, defilers of the Spirit are numerous. Careless destroyers of life, disciples of greed, and people who seek to gain dominance over others are too easily found and too often run unchecked. Such people not only block their own personal Spiritual Purity, but like weeds they also choke the vitality from those around them and hinder the Spiritual Growth of others. So too like weeds must these corrupt souls be stamped out. Followers of the Horn wage a Spiritual Combat against such defilers, seeking to purify Thera of this stain through the death of such an individual. A Follower of the Horn will teach anyone with an open mind who shows a willingness to learn, enligntening them as to the spiritual hinderances. Only those who are already entrapped by such hinderances need to be set free through Combat and death, so that their Spirit may re-make itself with a new chance to take the correct path. Those that continually defile the Spirit will be stamped out.
Description and items:
You look upon an ancient being of short statue. He has his feet firmly planted and he stands unwavering before you. Thick, muscular legs clench as he tenses when the wind whispers by. Beneath the battered and bloody metal plates he wears as armor, you see his stocky build. He looks calm and relaxed yet you see trails of sweat rolling down his grungy greenish skin. Rough, callused hands gently hold a large, dual-bladed battle axe with ease. His brawny arms leave no doubt in your mind he can wield the weapon with one hand. A full, long beard grows from his chin and cheeks extending all the way past his belt. The beard is a snowy white, but you see speckles of dried blood, dirt and other filth tangled into it. From his head grow peculiar horns. Simple and slightly curved like that of a bull or perhaps a minotaur. The gray horns make the man seem taller than he really is. Below his matted white hair you see two green eyes. As you look into his green eyes you feel his gaze staring deep within you. His stare goes beyond simple inspecting. Instead you feel as though the man is examining your very soul. As you give one last glance at this ancient being, you see infinite wisdom and strength in him.
Holtzendorff is using: <tattooed> a tattoo of a large, gray horn

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