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[Elf IMM] [WARLOCK] Ilraeth the Lady of Ice, Twin Goddess of the Mysteries
Tattoo: an icy blue third eye in the center of the forehead
Sphere(s): Knowledge, Water, Death


The Path to Enlightenment is not an easy one. All about us are forces which seek to pull us this way or that, many which would deceive us as to the truths of the mysteries of the world, existence, and many more. Thus it was that the twin Goddesses known as Ilraeth and Savraeth each set forth a potential path to guide the seeker to enlightenment. These are known as the Teachings of the Mysteries. This is the path of Ilraeth, whose followers fall under the spheres of Water, Knowledge and Death.
The Search for Knowledge, Seeker of Mysteries...
From the moment the newborn child reaches into the world with grasping hands, it struggles to fill the void of understanding it feels within, to learn and grow beyond the ignorance it was born into. Some grow to a point and accept that they cannot know all there is to know, becoming complacent in their lives, and some look about them and feel an ache they can't easily explain, an emptiness that begs to be filled. These few, filled with the unquenchable hunger for the unknown grow restless with the mundane lives most live and go in search of the unattainable, the endless quest for the unknown, for only in discovery do they find fulfillment.
The Path of Water, the Quest for Clarity...
Seekers revere water, viewing it as an a way of thinking. Like the mind, powerful and vast, it flows almost pointlessly and effortlessly from place to place, always seeking but never finding rest, never truly realizing its full potential until it slows down and crystallizes, becoming still, frozen, and pure. In that rigid icy moment, true clarity of thought can be known. Seekers emulate this by flowing from place to place in search of new secrets to find and new mysteries to uncover, and when their minds are challenged, they thrust aside emotional distractions and rely on slow calculating logic and reason, on the crystal clarity of icy pure thought.
The Realization of Death, the Final Test...
Seekers do not fear mortality. They recognize the limits of mortal understanding and view death as the final challenge, not as a barrier or as something to fear, but in fact the last and greatest of secrets. In that final moment between life and death, all they have seen and learned becomes clear as crystal, motion and emotion slow and cease as the cares of the world fade away. Every moment, every sight and sound, every fact ever learned becomes frozen in an instant, and if enough has been learned, the seeker will gain true understanding and take this knowledge with them as they pass from this life into whatever awaits them in the next.
Description and items:
Before you in thin, silken gowns of ancient design, adorned with gleaming chips of diamonds and crystal, stands the strange and regal form of the elven woman known as the Ice-Maiden. Tall, thin and rigidly straight, she moves with calculated grace, every movement and gesture of her small, delicate hands and fingers seeming deliberate, precise to the point of almost seeming alien in mannerism. Long, pale white-blond hair falls down past her shoulders and back to brush the ground and twist about her bare feet. Her face, though young and delicate, remains as pale and cold as newborn snow, with only the slight touch of pink to her flesh, and the vivid greenish-blue luminescence of her eyes, show that life still beats beneath the cold exterior of her stern and noble features.
Ilraeth is using: <used as light> (Glowing) a long burning torch <worn on finger> (Magical) a thin rune-covered mithril ring <worn around neck> a high collared torc, carved with ancient blue runes <worn on body> a white silken evening gown, stitched with spiraling mithril patterns <worn on head> (Glowing) a mithril tiara set with shimmering, pale blue diamonds <worn on feet> a pair of wide mithril ankle bracers, covered in pale blue runes <worn about body> a pale blue corset, adorned with three mithril runes <wielded> a transparent rod of pale blue crystalline ice <tattooed> an icy blue third eye in the center of the forehead

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