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[Arial IMM] [None] Intronan Shadow of Death
Tattoo: a Blood-Stained Raven
Sphere(s): Time, Combat, Death


The Order of the Blood-Stained Raven
Many know the Raven in different ways. To some, it is a patient, cunning hunter that seizes the perfect opportunity to strike. To some, it is a fierce combatant, deadly once locked into battle with a foe. And to others it is a harbinger of death.

Those who follow the precepts of the Blood-Stained Raven understand that the weave and flow of time controls all actions and emotions. Whether it means striking without hesitation, or waiting patiently in the shadows, the flow of time is as essential in battle as it is in life.

Time controls the three facets of the Order of the Blood-Stained Raven: Death, Combat and Time. The sweet release of Death will come to all, in good time, and it is up to the combatant to decide when the timing is right to bring that release to another. In Combat, the flow of time decides all. It guides which actions must be taken at which times, and dictates advance and retreat as well.

Those of the Order of the Blood-Stained Raven are known to be the most patient and cunning of hunters. They are known as masterful and fierce combatants, having mastered the art of what to do, and precisely when. They have a certain fatalistic view of life, knowing that with every breath, time draws them ever closer to death. Thus, to them, death is not be feared, but embraced when its time comes. Death, both of others, and themselves, is to be celebrated, as the ultimate conclusion to life.

The Order of the Blood-Stained Raven is one that demands a regimen of strict dedication and training. Those of a chaotic nature will be shunned.

Those under the influence of Time, Combat, and Death, are welcomed to the Ravens of Blood.

Seek the Order of the Blood-Stained Raven in a place where time flows both backwards, and forwards.

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