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[Cloud IMM] [ENTROPY] Ishmael the Paisley Giant
Tattoo: the double spiral tattoo
Sphere(s): Para-Elements, Chaos


The Chaos inherent in the Para-elements is one thing that cannot be denied. Only those that strive to understand the paths of these can claim to be followers of the double spiral. Two pathways to knowledge with one end. Seek the way and you shall find revelation at the end. Stray not from your path or destruction will come to you.

The Para-Elements are the purer and more primal form of the elements that most people take for granted. The Para-Elements are a Chaotic form that is in a more volatile state than the Orderly elements of Air, Earth, Water and Fire. The Para-Elements are comprised of: Magma, Ooze, Smoke and Ice. Each of these has capabilities far beyond the understanding of most mortals. As an example Magma comprises a few parts of Destruction and of Creation. It is left to you upon your path to understand how this is and what the other Para-Elements contain. Only those that bear the mark of the Double Spiral have proven to understand how these Para-Elements supercede the Orderly elements and bring the true force of Chaos into the realms of mortals.

<center>Other Titles:
Ishmael the King of Fools, Fool of Kings
Ishmael the Village Idiot
Ishmael the Unsavory, Salter of Potatoes
Ishmael the Jumping, Undulating Cube of Smoke

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