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[Human IMM] [ARBITER] Justin the Hand of Judgment
Tattoo: silver hammer engraved with runes
Sphere(s): Knowledge, Judgement


An individual who would follow the Shining Fount must be a thinker and a planner. They are not given to uncontrolled impulse or unbridled spontaneity. In approaching a problem or setting a goal, their first step is to seek understanding of the situation, balancing each bit of knowledge acquired within the global picture and giving it only the weight it deserves. Having amassed the complete picture, they make sound, logical plans detailing the wisest course of action to accomplish the desired end. Given the amount of forethought necessary to maintain the correct frame of mind, it is rare that one filled with chaos would worship within the Fount.

Those who bathe in the Shining Fount have demonstrated maturity in thought and action. Good judgment in decision making will mark those who follow the Fount. They must have a firm commitment to acting responsibly toward the segment of society that they represent. Introspection and intuition are qualities that a follower of the Fount should strive for. Those within the Fount will not exhibit unfocused aggression, or foster strife without cause, but rather will have a clear view of their goal or goals in life, and base future actions on these goals. Clarity of purpose will be a guiding force in their life.

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